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  • Introductions
  • Action items
    • Pending: Randy still needs to talk to Bikash
  • Update on parallel pipeline (Alex)
    • Doc with progress: Progmatic project plan
    • Starting to move things over from AWS
      • Allocated resources on Vexxhost aren't sufficient
      • Asked pono for more
      • Once resources arrive, will finish migration
    • Will be able to test 90+% of the project
    • After move to Vexxhost, will work on tactics to test
      • Review each patch against both Juniper CI and the new CI
      • Just trigger the jobs, not do any merging
      • AL to KW: Easiest way to get hooks to get incoming patches?
        • KW doesn't know yet; has a call soon that'll give him the info then he'll share
      • RLB to AL: Have a diagram of this?
        • AL: Nope; not really needed
    • Next phase after that: Have 2 Gerrits but one github
      • Will allow people to create reviews in either
        • Need to confirm there's a plugin for Gerrit that'll allow this
      • May be conflicts, but should be same as when there are 2 reviews for same code in same Gerrit
      • RLB: Will need a diagram
      • Carlo: What's the goal?
        • AL: Help transition from Juniper Gerrit/Zuul to TF G/Z
          • Can always roll back this way
          • Doesn't block Juniper at all
          • Community can start using new Gerrit
      • Carlo: Can instead test with just a single repo ?
        • AL: All main projects a very tightly coupled, so must be checked together
          • The jobs test everything all together right now
        • AL: Can't switch until repos are moved & renamed from Contrail to TF
          • What happens then? Is it connected with the switch to Gerrit? Assume not?
          • Just point to the new repos
          • But at that point, may as well move everything to the new Gerrit?
    • Later, close the gap between automated & manual testing
      • Progmatic coordinating with Marcus (Juniper) and Codilime on this
      • Carlo: working w/Marcus on planning docs for this
        • Proposal to make testing CI/CD more federated
        • Will share this doc early next week to get feedback from community
    • Need to keep renaming of the repos separate from Gerrit
  • Update on repo migration(s)
    • RLB: Need to look at whether it makes sense to separate the migrations and refactoring
      • Migration: Moving from Juniper to TF namespace
      • Repo refactoring: Split some up, make so they better match the PTLs
    • RLB: Migration is more important than refactoring. Refactoring shouldn't block migration.
    • SK: Migrating from Contrail to TF, are updating the build naming as well?
      • Otherwise artefacts called 'contrail' but repos called 'tungstenfabric'
      • AL: To some extent, yes, on the Progmatic side
      • SK: Codilime, when migrating repos will you also update the build artefact naming?
        • KW: Yes, will be doing this
        • SK: Need this written somewhere
    • ccain: Aren't the repo names already set?
      • RLB: Not the point; refactoring adds complexity. Focus only on migration (aka 'renaming')
    • AL: Currently no repos are renamed at all
      • Codilime will be working on that
      • KW: Migration of repos on hold due to 5.1 on Juniper side
        • Don't know how it will work afterward
        • Diagrams would be very helpful
        • AL: Migrating repos doesn't involve new Gerrit; it's not a blocker to moving the repos
    • KW: Codilime estimate is 1-1.5 weeks to do the migration right now
      • Will reassess after the docs (in action items) are done
  • WG Chair
    • Responsibilities 
      • Report back to the TSC every couple of weeks
      • Drive agenda every week
    • Pono steps up to take this on

Action items

  • Randy Bias Talk to Bikash. Sukhdev needs more support & permission to release the information he has now.
  • Krzysztof will email Alex after he gets more information about getting Gerrit hooks
  • Carlo Contavalli, Marcus, Alex will coordinate to write a proposal doc for how to migrate between Gerrits and share with the community
  • Carlo Contavalli and Kyzysztof will write up the plan for the build artefact renaming and share with the community
  • VM Brasseur Update Infra WG page with info about Pono being the chair
  • Andrey will mail about Vexxhost resources