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Randy & Vicky send regrets (on a flight)


  • Start the Recording
  • vsperf + vrouter
  • Meeting Time
  • Agenda Bashing (Roll Call, Action Items (5 minutes)
  • General Topics


  • Meeting time:
    • Casey: should we move to 10:30?
    • Concensus was made on moving the meeting time.  Casey has already updated the meeting schedule.
  • vsperf + vrouter
    • joseph: discussion for thursday TSC call
      • bring on architect for vsperf/ vrouter to talk about it
      • how to build vrouter standalone
    • edward: do you need to be running openstack for this?
    • joseph: just need data plane
    • joseph: PRESENTATION
      • vrouter works with agent
      • using vtest tool can program dataplane
      • scope of document is preprogramming the dataplane → vrouter
      • do not run as root (smile)
      • vrouter takes the generated packets to the physical port
      • ...
      • wait for the pdf to be uploaded
    • prabhjot: any testing?
    • joseph: none yet
      • just the beginning
    • sukhdev: wants kubernetes support
    • casey: +1
      • can do marketing around this effort to get more community engagement
      • send email to docs and marketing to get ball rolling
      • Joseph Gasparakis add pdf to meeting notes
    • darien: any action items for sukhdev to follow up with joseph
      • how can we support joseph in performance problems

Action items