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Attendees & Representation

TSC Members and Project representatives should mark their attendance below

X = Present | P = Proxy  (Indicate below table with @name for @name

Prabhjot Singh Sethi Chairperson - ATS


Edward Ting - Cloudasoft


Sukhdev Kapur - Juniper


Darien Hirotsu - TachTech


Sanju Abraham - Stackpath


Ian Rae - CloudOps



LF Staff: Daniel Pono Takamori



  • Start the Recording
  • Show the Antitrust Policy
  • Agenda Bashing, Roll Call, Action Items (5 Minutes)
  • General Topics
    • Ian Rae elected to the TSC
    • Virtual Developer Event Recap Prabhjot Singh Sethi
      • follow up on onap integration
      • future plans for dpdk support
    • Release Planning Marek Chwal
  • Any Other Topics


ONAP integration

  • PSS: suggestions on things to include with respect benifits of Tungsten fabric to ONAP community
  • SK: ONAP is heavy and they might be moving to ONAP K8S, will have more information in future, can be considered to 5G orchestrator system
  • OVS is L2 and Tungsten Fabric can bring in L3 to simplify networking for 5G
  • SK: try to integrate with K8S version
  • Ed: what is the goal ?
  • Integration is needed on the features available in tungsten fabric.
  • Fredrick: example service chaining
  • Fredrick: multus is not going to provide the complete solution, only a based connectivity
  • TF has a real L3 solution to offer.

DPDK future plan

  • CI starts build with DPDK upstream
  • migrating to 19.11 DPDK, SK: collaborate in community.
  • PS: we intend start this community activity.


  • How can we get a better synergy for the upstream project.
  • PSS: too man CRDs and Overkill and not optimal
  • Fredrick: too many updates CDRs will be an overload to etcd. can end up hampering entire kubernetes cluster
  • Sanju: CRDs exist for scalbility, modularity and availability 
  • PSS: will discuss CDRs for config separate from deployment
  • PSS: we need to discuss this further in TWS call

Action items

1 Comment

  1. Prabhjot Singh Sethi For ONAP, can we shoot to lock in TF to be one of the SDN choices in ONAP distro.