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Zoom Bridge: || Meeting ID: 126 834 756   ||  Recording Repository 

Attendees & Representation

TSC Members and Project representatives should mark their attendance below

X = Present | P = Proxy  (Indicate below table with @name for @name

TSC Voting Members
Technical RepresentativesCommunity Representatives

Sukhdev Kapur - Juniper

Darien Hirotsu - TachTech


Sanju Abraham - Stackpath

Edward Ting - Cloudasoft


Ian Rae - CloudOps

P : Darien Hirotsu
Community Elected Roles
Release Manager

Marek Chwal- CodiLime


LF Staff: Casey Cain Vanessa Valderrama

Others: James Kelly Szymon Golebiewski


  • Start the Recording
  • We will start by mentioning the project's Antitrust Policy, which you can find linked from the LF and project websites. The policy is important where multiple companies, including potential industry competitors, are participating in meetings. Please review and if you have any questions, please contact your company legal counsel. Members of the LF may contact Andrew Updegrove at the firm Gesmer Updegrove LLP, which provides legal counsel to the LF.
  • Agenda Bashing, Roll Call, Action Items (5 Minutes)
  • General Topics
  • Any Other Topics


Release images 

  • Alexandre Levine - Juniper build and release was based on UBI (Red Hat licence) - we are not sure if TF can use the same.
  • Marek Chwal so plan is to:
    • check if we can use UBI → Nick Davey - if yes than we should follow and publish new TF Release based on UBI
    • if we can't use UBI than we should build on CentOS, but this buil will be tested only automatically - we can call it as Beta-Relase and as users to test is excessively
    • we can also ask Juniper to support TF and test this build with their test suite manually

TSC Election

  • Self-nomination period ends today at 5 pm PT.
  • We have enough candidates to run the election.  Please expect an email from CIVS to cast your ballot.

PTL & Committer Approval

  • The info.yaml files have been updated and we will soon be turning on SSO.
  • All contributors should ensure that they have an LFID by going to
    • If they do not have a profile, please create one.

Internship Program


  • LFN Governing Board Member Committers Representative vote has started.  Eligible voters should have already received their ballot from CIVS.
    • If you have not received your ballot, please let Casey Cainknow

TSC Priorities

  • Casey Cain asked that the TSC reviews the 2021 Priorities and update the list as necessary. 
    • Casey noted that we will also look to do project maturity reviews starting after Auth0 and EasyCLA (The automated CLA tooling) has been enabled on the repositories. 

Action items

  • Jared Linley to ensure that Nagendra Maynattamai reviews and +2s the info.yaml file in the repos the he is responsible for as soon as possible  
  • Alexandre Levineto ensure that Andrey Pavlov reviews and +2s the info.yaml file in the repos the he is responsible for as soon as possible