• Casey presenting Project & Healthy Community Proposal
    • VMB: This is legalistic & overkill
    • RLB: Need to make this easy to Juniper folks will be more likely to engage
    • SK: Have a spreadsheet for this but not sure where it is
    • ← old TF Google Drive
      • Please don't use that for new docs. It's just for reference.
    • VMB: This is still overkill and reinventing the wheel
  • Question: By the end of the DDF, can we determine what the projects are going to be?
    • SK is trying to find the doc where these were laid out (action item for this)
    • SK will also find the spreadsheet which maps out repo to committers

Action items

  • Sukhdev KapurFind the doc that lists out the proposed projects, then move it over to the wiki for people to review and discuss
  • Sukhdev Kapur Find the spreadsheet that maps repos to committers