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  1. 2019-06-18 Branding/Positioning Call

    Chaining, Security, BGP meeting-notes … Date Meeting Recording:
    Tungstenabout 5 hours ago
  2. 2019-06-18 Infra WG Meeting notes

    Review action items from 06-11 Infra WG Meeting notes Review Infra Jira tickets … about Gerrit/GitHub 5 complete prabhjot Still need a ticket for the TPC code meeting-notes infra-wg
    Tungstenyesterday at 4:27 PM
  3. 2019-06-11 Infra WG Meeting notes

    Date Attendees takamori vmbrasseur @alexlevine prabhjot Martin Mailand Agenda Review action items from 2019-06-04 Infra WG Meeting notes … to a more permanent home for 5.2 9 complete vmbrasseur Ping Jakub & ask him to be on the call next week meeting-notes infra-wg
    Tungstenyesterday at 4:27 PM
  4. 2019-04-23 Infra WG Meeting notes

    CaseyCain andanicolae Agenda Introductions Review action items from 2019-04-16 Infra WG Meeting notes Update on parallel pipeline Update on repo migration … Vexxhost resources meeting-notes infra-wg
    Tungstenyesterday at 4:27 PM
  5. 2019-06-18 Technical Work Stream

    dpdk compile patch to jgasparakis for perf testing w/in Intel submit a patch for review meeting-notes tws
    Tungstenyesterday at 6:38 PM
  6. 2019-06-14 Marketing meeting

    yaml file to dhirotsu meeting-notes mwg … -06-07 Marketing Meeting Getting the booth banners to sukhdevkapur for NCDC Updating the upstream contributor guide
    Tungstenyesterday at 9:03 PM
  7. 2019-06-20 TSC Meeting notes

    a due date. meeting-notes
    TungstenJun 13, 2019
  8. 2019-05-21 Infra WG Meeting notes

    notes Review Infra Jira tickets … on gerrit meeting-notes
    TungstenMay 28, 2019
  9. 2019-05-17 Marketing Meeting

    stuff to it 19 incomplete dhirotsu Will draft an LFN newsletter wiki page, email marketing@ a link to it meeting-notes … action items from 2019-05-10 Marketing Meeting ET: NCDC update Lisa introducing herself (she may be a few minutes late to the meeting) Move the meeting time
    TungstenMay 31, 2019
  10. 2019-04-10 Docs WG Meeting notes

    WG Meeting notes Review notes from 2019-04-03 Docs WG Meeting notes PTL question update Issue tracking see this email … to improve it (won't be done by next week) meeting-notes
    TungstenJun 05, 2019