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RB believes that we have enough content for a weekly newsletter.
LC believes that the newsletter was rejected by the Marketing Committee 3 weeks agoNeed confirmation from TSC, list of possible topics and SMEs to work with to develop content; publication vehicles to be discussed separately.

OpenContrail docs have been released.  The team is working on TF 5.1 documentation.

TF MWG Needs to develop a marketing plan of record for 2019.

Action items

  •  VM (Vicky) Brasseur (she/her) Put next week's agenda for Jill: ONS EU (asking her what we should anticipate for it from the LFN side, possibility of hackathon, etc), Ambassadors update, Yandex case study update
  •  Randy Bias Casey Cain to talk about the Newsletter at the next TSC.
  •  @Lisa Caywood to add Marketing Plan of Record to next Marketing call.