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We're working to transition the Contrail 5.0.x documentation to Tungsten Fabric. This essentially means manually reviewing each file and transitioning only the right things from 'Contrail' to 'Tungsten Fabric'.

As we work on this project, team members will use this wiki page to share their best practices for the transitions.

Due to the existence of the `contrail` term in the name of the services which are launched, we will not be removing this terminology until the actual code/services are updated with a name change.  Because of this, we will not be renaming these occurrences or the associated wording when referencing the service.  The first pass, prior to the services being renamed, will result in both `Tungsten Fabric` and `Contrail` terminology being present in the document.

Section Header Separators

In some cases the word Contrail will be in a section header. These headers are marked by lines composed of `-` or `=` characters. These lines should be as long as the header text that they mark. Changing the header from `Contrail` to `Tungsten Fabric` increases the length of the header text, so the line length should increase accordingly. For example, this header:

Support for IPv6 Networks in Contrail

Will become:
Support for IPv6 Networks in Tungsten Fabric

This is incorrect:

Support for IPv6 Networks in Tungsten Fabric

Handling Release/Version references

Once in a while there are references to specific versions of the software. For example:

Starting with Contrail Release 2.0, support for IPv6 overlay networks is provided.

In situations like this, rather than replacing `Contrail` with `Tungsten Fabric`, simply remove the word `Contrail`. The line above would become:

Starting with Release 2.0, support for IPv6 overlay networks is provided.

The exception to this rule is for Release v5.x references. Because Tungsten Fabric came into being around v5.0, replace those instances of `Contrail` to `Tungsten Fabric`.