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  • Aniket Daptari from Juniper
  • While the slides are all about Contrail, please note that all of this functionality is in Tungsten Fabric
  • What's a network function service chain?
    • Routing in the dataplane (via vRouter) to steer traffic through a speciied set of network functions
    • TF abstracts away the complexity
    • Independent of workload, location, and form factor of the network function
    • Only constraint: must be anchored to Virtual Networks
  • Telcos use this…
    • …to add value added functions inside the datacenter of a service provider
    • Add resiliency
    • Add scale, and load balance across all the instances of network functions
  • CSRX: Next gen firewall in a docker container
    • Containerising network functions
      • Run an L7 firewall inside a small container that boots in seconds
      • Could do this on every host if you desire, minimising exposure of network to bad traffic
    • Only possible because of service chaining
  • But the problem with k8s, ports with multiple interfaces aren't supported in vanilla upstream k8s
    • Network functions typically need multiple interfaces
    • Juniper dev team is working on this, and to upstream it to k8s
    • Also working to add service chaining in k8s
  • Problem with Multus in k8s
    • Designed to enable multiple network providers on interfaces to pods
    • But does not allow for single provider on a single pod
    • TF Pod will be able to to this
    • Have enhanced the pod manifest and yaml files
    • Also have a custom resource definition to help define what network a pod should connect to
  • Questions
    • None, it's demo time

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