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End to End Architecture - Yuvaraja Mariappan  Sukhdev KapurChandra Mohan (This is an umbrella role)


ProjectPTL contactModulesShort Description
TF Core
  • Configuration System
  • Fabric Management
  • Control Plane
  • Data Plane
  • Kubernetes Orchestrator
  • Openstack Orchestrator
  • Deployment
  • Packaging
  • Analytics
  • WebUI

The Tungsten Fabric Core project intends to be an umbrella project for all TF activities related to the mentioned modules. Goals are defined within the Release process for each Release based on registered blueprints (see the scope of particular release).

  • Core Team: As Umbrella project represents a larger functionality. A core team of Subject Matter Experts with representation from each module will be formed. This team will be responsible for providing feedback to PTL enabling exhaustive review of proposed blueprints in this Project
  • Committers, eligible to approve blueprints collectively (at least 2 approvers are needed and no negative feedback from the others)
TF Operator Framework
  • Operator

The Tungsten Fabric Operator project intends to provide functionality around Life Cycle Management of Tungsten Fabric deployment. Where, Tungsten Fabric operator will be extending functionalities like ease of deployment, seamless upgrades and auto scaling.

Core team:

Supporting projects

Andrey Pavlov

  • Jenkins
  • dev tools
TF CI (Jenkins) + devtools (tf-dev-env, tf-devstack, tf-dev-test)
Documentation & Training 
  • Docs
  • OpenLab

The goal of this project is to provide documentation for Tungsten Fabric open source project.

The documentation should cover topics as:

  • Why Tungsten Fabrics (TF) exist?
  • How to install TF?
  • How to deploy TF?
  • How to use TF?
  • How to contribute code to TF?
  • How to contribute documentation to TF?
  • What is the governance structure for this open source project?
  • What are the internal processes and workflows in this open source project (for example CI)?

Initial Core Team

Supporting projects

Deployment  & Packaging

  • Deployment 
  • Packaging

Containers and deployers layers for TF. Includes:

  • Containers
    • Docker
    • Podman
    • Cri-o
    • Containerd
  • Deployers
    • RHOSP (13, 16) - openstack, vrouter-less / RHEL 7, 8
    • JuJu - openstack, k8s, hybrid / CentOS 7, Ubuntu 16, 18
    • Ansible deployer - openstack, k8s  / Centos 7, Ubuntu 16, 18
    • Helm - openstack, k8s / Centos 7, Ubuntu 16, 18
    • k8s manifests - k8s / Centos 7, Ubuntu 18
    • Openshift (3, 4) - RHEL 7, 8
    • Future: Operator framework
  • Integration
    • Akraino / Airship
    • OPNFV
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