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  • VMB (Juniper)
  • Randy Bias (Juniper)
  • Joseph Gasparakis (Intel)
  • Ian Rae (CloudOps)
  • Jim St Leger (Intel
  • Liza (AT&T)
  • dhirotsu



  • Voting for CC
    • Condorcet ballots have gone out to ATC
    • All other questions will have to wait for Casey to return to answer
  • GSoC
    • Do we want to do this?
    • Valentin & some of the CloudOps folks have mentored in the past for other projects
    • Ian Rae (IR): Bias for action. Let's do this.
      • Randy (RB) & Jim are +1
    • Jim proposes we look into LF interns as well
  • Meetup at ONS?
    • Yeah, probably should do that
    • Not sure what form this would take though. Hackathon/Plugfest? Workshop/Presentations?
      • RB suggests we need (1) access to early stage enterprise devs, and (2) more developer diversity
        • Workshop to get TF running on k8s
        • Also allow community members to show off what they've done?
          • Fine, but less interesting than the hands-on stuff
      • VMB suggests also doing a f2f meeting for existing TF devs
        • RB: Work on community-driven blueprints, roadmaps, etc.
    • Sounds like 2 ONS events would be good
      • Hands-on workshop
      • Blueprint/roadmap summit
    • Maybe do a dev summit for KubeCon in Barcelona
  • VMB reminds folks to review PRs in the docs repo
  • Ian: Seems like things are a bit slow to move in LF/LFN
    • Feels like it's slowing down the community
    • Example: delayed election
    • Feel we're not getting the support that we were promised

Action items

  • VMB: Will put together a GSoC wiki page & follow up with folks on list
  • Jim: Will dig up information about LF internships
  • VMB: Will drop an email to probb about the support TF is receiving