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TF YouTube:

Current Videos: TF + K8s and Istio (Juniper); TF + K8s and Consul Service Mesh (CloudOps).



Date Published


Living on the Edge – combining OpenStack, Kubernetes, and Tungsten Fabric to make Edge Computing

Juniper Networks

Six Months Ago (Dec 1, 2018) 

Deploying Tungsten Fabric to Kubernetes Environment


Five Months Ago (Jan 2019) 

Tungsten Fabric Performance Optimization by DPDK


Four Months Ago (Feb 2019) 

Zuul as a build system lessons learned in the Tungsten Fabric infra


Five Months Ago (Jan 2019) 

Profiling and optimizing container image builds

CodLime (TF CI)

3 Weeks Ago 

Cloud Native Telco Evolution: From Virtualized to Containerized Network Functions

CloudOps and Rancher (includes TF + K8s demo)

1 Week Ago 

Letters from the Edge simpler, open networking for lightweight distributed edge clouds

Juniper Networks

5 Months Ago 

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