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Incomplete tasks from meetings

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
  • Casey Cain reviewing calendar features will work for us  
01 Jun 2019Casey Cain2019-05-02 Meeting notes
Daniel Pono Takamori2019-05-21 Infra WG Meeting notes
  • VM Brasseur Put next week's agenda for Jill: ONS EU (asking her what we should anticipate for it from the LFN side, possibility of hackathon, etc), Ambassadors update, Yandex case study update
VM Brasseur2019-05-24 Marketing Meeting
Maddison Long2019-05-17 Marketing Meeting
  • Lisa Caywood Will share website audit first draft with the group
2019-05-17 Marketing Meeting
  • Darien Hirotsu Will draft an LFN newsletter wiki page, email marketing@ a link to it
Darien Hirotsu2019-05-17 Marketing Meeting
  • Maddison Long Transfer over opencontrail videos that look worth sharing
Maddison Long2019-05-17 Marketing Meeting
Sukhdev Kapur2019-05-17 Meeting notes
  • Sukhdev Kapurwhat's different with opencontrail and tungsten 5.1 releases
Sukhdev Kapur2019-05-17 Meeting notes
  • Andrey: Send links to Vexxhost Zuul builds
2019-05-14 Infra WG Meeting

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