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Tungsten Fabric Ambassadors // Photos & Bios


        Alexander, Scott  - - (UK)


        Arham, Qasim  - (Frisco, Texas)

Qasim Arham is an innovative leader, consultant and strategist, possessing over 15 years of Packet Core (EPC/vEPC), Cloud SDN/NFV solutions architecture and design experience, in the rapidly advancing world of telecommunication, packet backbone and next-generation cloud networks architecture. He is passionate about OpenStack cloud computing, Tungsten Fabric, the future of data center IP networks, and teamwork for driving success. Qasim is an SME and Solution Architect responsible for delivering the telco cloud architecture and design of Service Providers’ software-centric networks (vEPC, vIMS, vRAN, 5G and IOT).


        Bias, Randy  - (Bay Area, Portland, Seattle, others possible)

Randy Bias is an entrepreneur, writer, speaker and futurist in cloud computing.

Randy was among the first to articulate the technological and cultural drivers that defined the success of hyperscale cloud as a segment of the global IT spend, and in the process accurately predicted the geometric growth rate of Amazon Web Services. He correctly identified the 30-year megatrend shifts from mainframe to client/server to cloud, and in the process popularized the pets vs. cattle meme as a construct for describing the fundamental difference between how enterprise stacks and cloud stacks are managed. In the process he coined “cloud scale” or “cloudscaling” as a descriptor for how cloud stacks are fundamentally different.


        Carver, Paul - (Note: Central New Jersey only: South of Interstate 78 to north of Interstate 195—the triangle formed by New Brunswick, Bridgewater, and Princeton. No travel beyond that.) avatar for Paul Carver

Paul Carver is a Principal Member of the Technical Staff at AT&T working on Software Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualization. Paul is a member of the Tungsten Fabric Technical Steering Committee and Architecture Review Board. He has been actively involved in infrastructure activities, specifically helping to resolve issues in the new contributor onboarding process. Paul’s primary goal is to make it painless for people without priori Tungsten Fabric (or OpenContrail) experience to install it, try it out, and get started at developing new capabilities within the current codebase.


        Tony Chan - (Hong Kong)


        Elkinbard, Gregory  - (Bay Area and others possible)

Gregory Elkinbard is Director of Community at Juniper, where he is responsible for creating a robust multi user community around OpenContrail and integrating OpenContrail with other community efforts such as OpenStack, OPNFV, ONAP and Kubernetes. Prior to Juniper Gregory was Sr. Technical Director at Mirantis, where he built on-demand IaaS and PaaS layers for public and private clouds at marquis Fortune 1000 and late stage venture-funded customers.

He is an advocate for open source technology as a foundational business model element in companies traditionally tied to proprietary models. Notably, Randy has initiated and led successful open sourcing efforts for several traditional ISVs. A pioneer and early, vocal advocate for the OpenStack project, Randy identified the devops and agile development movements as fundamental disruption forces that redefined the roles and relevant skill sets in enterprise IT leadership. Randy’s advocacy and public speaking have resulted in over 300,000 views and 5,000 downloads of his cloud and IT presentations on slideshare.

He led teams that achieved numerous cloud firsts, including the first public cloud in Korea, the first global carrier NFV cloud, and the first “cattle cloud” for a Fortune 5 company. Randy led the charge as change agent and expert disruptor within EMC, beginning with open sourcing of products, followed by the launch of the first mass-production OpenStack-powered appliance. He founded Cloudscaling, acquired by EMC in 2014. At EMC, he runs a strategic R&D team focused on developing open source contributions and elevating the visibility of EMC as an open source player.


        Goddard, Philip  - (Boston) Philip Goddard is a member of the Business Development team at Juniper Networks in the Contrail Business Unit. Philip joined Juniper over 12 years ago, as part of the Funk Software team supporting the continued adoption of Steel-Belted Radius technology within the service provider community.  Joining the carrier sales organization directly some 8 years ago, his focus included the development of cloud infrastructure solutions, culminating with the formulation and execution of the business strategy that resulted with the successful adoption of Contrail at the core of AT&T’s Integrated Cloud infrastructure.  About 2 years ago, he formally joined the Contrail Business Unit to leverage that experience across a broader set of opportunities and technologies.  Philip has successfully executed mix of direct sales and marketing roles within the telecommunication industry in both Europe and North America over a lengthy career.  Philip is a EE graduate of the University of Waterloo based in the Boston area.


        Henkel, Michael  - (Germany)


        Kapur, Sukhdev  -   (Bay Area)


        Kelly, James  - (Bay Area and sometimes Vancouver, Canada)

James Kelly loves helping businesses transform with technology. Using his skills with cloud-native design, DevOps, SDN and infrastructure as code, James’s software and business experience have been applied over the last decade at Juniper Networks in the areas of customer-facing engineering, business development, product management and marketing. Prior to working at Juniper, James was a tech researcher, developer, hedge-fund founder, and executive technology consultant.


        Langdon, Michael  - (New Jersey)

Michael Langdon is a Senior Director at Juniper Networks in the Contrail Business Unit where he supports field enablement and evangelism for cloud and network services virtualization.  He spends most of his time interacting with users discussing architectures to drive seamless integration of network services as part an overall agile application and user services delivery workflow.

Michael is now on his second tour with Juniper.  Starting with Juniper in 2000, Michael was a Sales Engineer focusing on carrier customers.  After almost 12 years at Juniper, he joined start up Contrail Systems to build & lead their Sales Engineering team.  Juniper acquired Contrail in late 2012 and Michael has been Contrailing ever since.  Michael previously worked as an ISP consultant to carrier networks and as operations and engineering manager for one of the original NSFNet backbones (JvNCNet).


Michael  is a 1987 graduate of Villanova University and started his career as an officer in the US Navy onboard a Knox class frigate.  Michael is based in the New York City area.


        Montagner, Diogo - (Melbourne)


        Roberts, Richard  - - (France)


        Sanchez-Monge, Ato  - (Spain


        Sinitsyn, Valentine  - - (Russia)

Valentine Sinitsyn, Ph.D., is the Lead Developer at Yandex infrastructure team with the primary focus on network virtualization. He has prior experiences with Azure Cloud Switch, Open vSwitch and OVN and is now developing a Tungsten Fabric-based SDN solution.




        Sneddon, Scott  - (Bay Area -- Western US & Canada)

Scott Sneddon is Chief Architect and Evangelist, Cloud at Juniper Networks where he spends most of his time evangelizing the benefits of Network Virtualization and Software Defined Networking. Previous experience includes positions at Nuage Networks, Vyatta/Brocade, Alcatel-Lucent, and Exodus Communications. His background is in architecting large scale Cloud environments and service provider networks. He was talking about SDN before SDN was cool.


        Swiatkowski, Kamil  - - (Poland)


        Yeu, Kuang Bin  - (Singapore)


        Zhu, Heqing,  Intel (Chandler, AZ)

Heqing Zhu is leading the open source data plane software efforts at Intel Network Platform Group, focus on software optimization techniques to accelerate network, security, virtualization, container data plane technology such as DPDK, Hyperscan and multiple virtual switching software. From 2010 to 2017, Heqing managed the dpdk and hyperscan, virtualization team in China. He and the team wrote a book "Head first, DPDK", published in China since 2016, Heqing organized DPDK China Summit 2015, 2016 and 2017 and Hyperscan 2017 workshop in China.