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Marketing Plan of Record




The marketing working group is not appointed, rather by volunteer. Our work is open source too, except passwords.


The group meeting open to others, and happens 8:30-9am PT biweekly on Thursdays.


Link to calendar invite:

Join by Phone

ILYNC (45962)

+1 (978) 589-8300

+1 (844) 645-4398

+1 (408) 936-9000

Find a local number

Conference ID: 16220561



       James Kelly -

       Robert Cathey -

       Jennifer Fowler -

       Matt Oswalt -

       Heqing Zhu -

       Edward Ting -

       Larkland Morley -

       More at #marketing-wg in the community Slack workspace


       Community Google Drive:

       Community calendar Events of Interest:

       Community email address tungsten-fabric <at> (to keep private)

       Site: Also own tungstenfabric and





       Slack: /



       Google Group for Users:!forum/tungsten-users and

       Google Group for Dev:!forum/tungsten-dev and


We will keep top-level goals and strategic big-rock priorities here.


From the marketing working group call we track smaller bi-weekly priorities . Below are the big rocks:


  1. User gaps requiring immediate work

       Simpler installation and getting started guides

       Better documentation, which requires a declarative as-code formatting of the API in something such as YAML. We cannot build docs out of GUI screenshots.

  1. Event planning for Q2/Q3 tradeshows
  2. Setup more meetups with OSN (Brandon @ LF) and other meetups with Ambassadors
  3. Developer quick on-ramp

       Mini-Kube/DevStack-like deployment option

       Simple developer documentation for setting up a working dev environment.

  1. Website updates:

         Setup the downloads with eng

         Setup the analytics with LF: Google analytics, inbound tracking (James)

         Transfer to the LF Wordpress when LFN induction happens



The marketing group seeks to achieve the following objectives:


  1. Increase number of Tungsten deployments by 1000x in 5 years time

         If every evangelism opportunity helps 2 people adopt TF, over 5 years we need 500 events or 100 evangelism opportunities per year or 8 per month

         That means in a community of 50 active participants, we need each community participant to sign up for 2 evangelism opportunities per year, ideally 4 or more

  1. Enable the community to drive evangelism efforts bottoms up, by the marketing group providing tools and coordination
  2. Foster community members as well as GB, ARB, TSC leaders to foster awareness and demand for the project technology and willingness to join and participate in our community. For example:

         Media coverage by podcast/video interviewers and journalist

         Social-media engagement using channels and resharing/playing off other channels

         Deck, video and webinar creation and promotion


Over time, we will drive a substantiated unique value proposition using the UVP worksheet to drive our messaging.


In the meantime, we use vision, mission, what is TF from the 101/golden deck.


Immediate website plan is to get a new WordPress instance hosted on Linux Foundation servers with admin access for select members of the marketing working group and LF.

       Transfer WordPress to the Linux Foundation when inducted into the LFN


Longer-term website strategy and planning includes:

       Build in the Ambassador page per the program below

       Build out the case studies for the home page and case studies dedicated page.

         Capture a logo, story and possibly a video

         Maybe based on a conference talk or other recorded talk

         Maybe from the project adopters, but this list is old

         Video for home page feature

Ambassador Program

We have built out a world atlas/map of project ambassadors. This map resides on the website community page:


Entry criteria: Must have given a talk on the project. Must be on the users and events groups and Slack channel. Candidates can request entry to the marketing working groups via the Slack channel.


List of some ambassadors (many more on the map):


       Ato Sanchez-Monge - (Spain)

       Michael Henkel - (Germany)

       Valentine Sinitsyn - - (Russia)

       Richard Roberts - - (France)

       Kamil Swiatkowski - - (Poland)

       Scott Alexander - - (UK)

       Michael Langdon - (New Jersey)

       Philip Goddard - (Boston)

       Scott Sneddon - (Bay Area)

       Sukhdev Kapur -   (Bay Area)

       Kuang Bin Yeu - (Singapore)

       Gregory Elkinbard - (Bay Area and others possible)

       Randy Bias - (Bay Area, Portland, Seattle, others possible)

       James Kelly - (Bay Area)

       Doug Marschke - (Bay Area)

       Paul Carver - (New Jersey)

       Qasim Arham -   - (Dallas)

       Diogo Montagner - (Melbourne)

       Tony Chan - (Hong Kong)




The purpose of engagement channels is to pull in many hands to make light work answering questions, and generating enthusiasm to expand the project community. We will treat pure open source and commercial-based users alike. We will be welcoming and friendly to all newcomers, and in the opinion of any community member, where constructive feedback is possible, we communicate with understanding and the benefit of the doubt as the priority. We lead with data or evidence to back up competitiveness toward other competing technology projects or companies.

Google Groups Email Lists

Google groups are used as email communications list within the community. Legal, PR, media inquiries should be directed to the marketing working group.


Our two groups are:


       Google Group for Users:!forum/tungsten-users and

       Google Group for Dev:!forum/tungsten-dev and


Slack is used as group-of-interest and direct messaging communication. Inquiries and answers must come from Slack workspace members., but membership is open. Private channels and direct messaging groups may exist for private communications. Legal, PR, media inquiries should be directed to the marketing working group.

       Slack: /


The blog, carried over from, is a great way to publish articles that inspire, intrigue, inform, and sometimes provide a community CTA as well. Blogs may also serve to announce, when a PR is overkill or not newsworthy as deemed by the LF-N. Blogs should come from a variety of community sources, and authors should plan blogs with the marketing working group in advance for timing and promotion. Upon publishing a blog, the author should socialize it with the community, and provide as much organic amplification as possible. Paid SEM and other advertising promotion, is at the discretion and budget availity of the TF marketing WG and LF-N MAC.

Blogging editorial calendar

We have a calendar of planned blogs available here to coincide with major feature releases, milestones, and events.

       Blogging editorial calendar TODO needs to be created at least a couple months out, populated with community SMEs as authors


Ideas for blog creation and promotion


       New feature deep dives

       Case studies and user successes


       Journey of a developer

       Community achievements


We rolled over the OpenContrail account to Tungsten Fabric.


Used for:

       Announcements: events, meetups, blogs, other

       Engaging: marketing admins will engage but encourage more meaningful conversations in Slack


We rolled over the OpenContrail account to Tungsten Fabric.



Used for:

       Announcements: events, meetups, blogs, other

       Engaging: marketing admins will engage but encourage more meaningful conversations in Slack


We rolled over the OpenContrail group to Tungsten Fabric.



Used for:

       Announcements: events, meetups, blogs, other

       Engaging: marketing admins will engage but encourage more meaningful conversations in Slack


This is the place for all community videos, demos, case studies and otherwise.



TODO: Decide if we need to port over older videos from the OpenContrail channel into the Tungsten channel.

Used for:

       Demos, recordings of community events, recordings of sessions

       Best to group like videos into playlists as we start to accumulate more of them



Brand guidelines

See the brand book created by Morris Creative Group which informs all of the below materials.

Shirts, socks, stickers

We welcome swag to be created by any community members so long as it is on brand. A number of reference designs are available from past production on this folder of the marketing resources.

Pop-ups banners for members physical and virtual

Reference designs are here .

Booth rolling slideshow

Reference deck and past events slides are here .

Demos video playlist

TODO setup new YouTube and point to old YouTube somehow. Consider videos to port over to new account.


TODO build out the list of desirable demo videos.

Community Assets:

       Decks for presentations such as meetups etc.

         TF 101 Overview ( PPT , Google Slides [need update], PDF )
We need a slide on TF commercial support in this deck.

         TF for Kubernetes + OpenShift

         TF for OpenStack

         TF for SPs


       TF Performance vs. others

       TF (internal) Security vs. others

       TF Scalability vs. others [1]

         Public references inventory

         TODO Folder of past presentations shared by Ambassadors

       Case Studies

         Live on the website [2]

         Capture a logo, story and possibly a video

         Maybe based on a conference talk or other recorded talk


         Based on YouTube

         Demos as planned above

         Non-demos from community members. Case studies etc.

         Podcast reading of blogs?

       Investment in content consumption/promotion


         Data-driven insights and investment



We are tracking events in this list . The marketing working group plans an overview involvement at certain key events here in subsections listed chronologically. We may purge events older than 6 or so months.

Open Networking Summit (ONS) Los Angeles 2018


Dates: March 26-29



Todo other than induction checklist .

       Messaging for TF and members attending. Do we need a FAQ?

       PR timing with LF-N for 3/27 morning - tentative

       Blog from Randy or Greg

       Arpit to announce on stage (greg)

       Media pre briefings (robert and jennifer lead bookings)

Need fuller agenda from Greg.

       LF-N booth - James will cover is once in a while.

       Swag and pop-up banners for member booths and LF-N booth

       Slide for Juniper booth TV screensaver and optionally other sponsors

       Member [3] booths - who else is sponsoring of interest:

         Juniper (Jennifer Allen is planning lead)




         Red Hat


         Yusuke to plan a video we can use at Juniper booth

KubeCon / CloudNativeCon EU 2018

Tungsten’s User group reception May 2 20:00-22:00. Details are here .


Community present:

       Juniper (agreed to signage and promote reception)



OpenStack Summit Vancouver 2018

Tungsten’s reception May 2 20:00-22:00. Details are coming soon.


Community present:

       Juniper (agreed to signage and promote reception)


MWC Shanghai Summit 2018

Dates: June 27-29, Shanghai, China

Demonstrate Tungsten Fabric at Lenovo server with Intel together, joined Intel selected solution program.

DPDK China Summit 2018

Dates: June 28, Beijing, China


The agenda will cover the latest developments to the DPDK and other related projects such as, Lagopus, OVS, DPVS, Tungsten Fabric and SPDK, including plans for future releases, and will provide an opportunity to hear from DPDK users who have used it in their applications.

Todo: Tech Submission. (Juniper, Intel?)

Open Networking Summit (ONS) Amsterdam 2018

Dates: September 25-27, Amsterdam



  1. Greg Elkinbard’s session : Tuesday, September 25, 4:10 - 4:40
  2. Two TF demos presented at the LFN booth , Tues - Thur, September 25-27
  3. TF Meetup , Wednesday, September 26, 7-10 pm, Restaurant La Vina
  4. TF Workshop , Thursday, September 27, 4:05 - 5:15 pm

KubeCon / CloudNativeCon China 2018

Dates: November 13-15, Shanghai


  1. Greg Elkinbard’s session , Wednesday, November 14, 11:05 am
  2. Full-day tutorial, Monday, November 12 - pending sponsorship






OpenStack Summit Berlin 2018

Dates: November 13-15, Berlin



  1. TF Meetup, Wednesday, November 14, 8:00 - 10:30 pm, Location TBD
  2. Greg Elkinbard’s Lightning Talk, Thursday, November 15, TBD
  3. TF Workshop, pending space availability (awaiting OSF decision)

KubeCon / CloudNativeCon North America 2018

Dates: December 11 - 13, Seattle



  1. TF Developers Workshop, Monday, December 10, Sheraton Hotel, Times TBD
  2. Presentations, TBD
  3. TF Meetup
  4. Booth demo



       List of targeted meetups

       List of speakers could be Ambassadors or aspiring Ambassadors


Major Geographies:


       SF Bay Area

       Pacific Northwest

       Texas - MArco, AT&T,


       ATL / Southeast



       Singapore / Southeast APAC

       China / Taiwan









       ONS Mini-summit

       KubeCon Denmark

       OpenStack Vancouver





Media Representatives

       Randy Bias -

       James Kelly -

       Optionally others that are media trained  - opportunistically and planned with MWG team


Other media todo strategy:





       byline/article coverage


As we think about the priorities of building adoption and easing usability, in sequence we’ll need:


  1. Good getting started guides [4] [5] , contextualized for: Kubernetes, OpenStack, pure OC, etc.

    This is broken today and not easy. Nor is it in a good place.

    First of all, there are no tagged stable builds outside of juniper downloads from these builds:

Instructions cannot be here:


And different once here:


This needs to be foolproof and setup separately from K8s.

We need to move builds to

And we need clear instructions for K8s and OpenStack in a documentation repo here: ideally one that renders to (GitHub pages) like Kubernetes documentation.


  1. YAML/JSON representation of the API and a CLI because we cannot build good reference and user documentation nor good canned demos without this (of course this also serves the purposes of config as code and CI/CD).

    If you look at the K8s docs, for example, it’s awesome! This should be our aim. They insist on documentation-driven development. And they don’t document the user guide and objects around the GUI, but rather the objects used by the API and CLI, and the dependent workflows. The K8s dashboard is better used for visibility and operations, not config, even though it’s possible. Let’s follow this lead. We need the CLI and codified representation to begin.
  2. Documentation [6] because smart people read about things a lot before they are sold on the idea of even trying them. The docs need to be open, compiled from github, and versioned like K8s docs of course. Another act to follow common to many OSS projects today.



       Getting started guides for users of OpenStack and K8s

       Getting started for project developers


       Docs and CLI/yaml holdup


Not the videos but the GitHub tutorials.


         OpenContrail + OpenStack

         OpenContrail + Kubernetes / Mesos / Docker

       Leverage Kubernetes Helm

         OpenContrail + VMware

         OpenContrail on top of Public Cloud

       Leverage OpenStack-Helm if possible






       University programs




[1] Added by me

[2] In a perfect world we would have riot games and AT&T; one enterprise use case and one carrier.

[3] It would be really great to have signage or something for TF at *all* community member booths.

[4] and I need help with this before launch, so we can link to something decent from the website Calls to action

_Assigned to Randy Bias_

[5] I need to discuss this section with you.

[6] The internal Juniper documentation team is working on this right now.  We should tie these two efforts together for tracking purposes.

_Assigned to Gregory Elkinbard_