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About: We're looking for problems with the documentation that need work. Out of date, incorrect, missing, old name, needs to move, needs versioning. This is a quick Punchlist.
Summary / NameDue Diligence PersonCreate/Keep/Trash/Update?StatusOwnerTargeted PersonaDescriptionOriginal URL / ReferenceUpdated Version
Documentation home page brandingIn progressJamesAllLink to Docs from the menu goes to a site that looks and feels different than Update: fixed this, but needs improvement in mobile browsers (e.g. hamburger icon in the header menu). Also we should move the main page to an file and use the properly as a guide for those coming to the code in the repo.
Documentation home doesn't break out to all docs use casesAllA documentation home page should link out to all the use cases that something could want to use the docs such as reference of APIs, reference of concepts, features, getting started sandboxes, getting started as a developer, etc.
Getting started in 10 mintues needs updatingAll Rename: "10 Minute Tungsten Fabric Quick Start!"
Becoming a contributor broken linkContributing DevelopersIn the third item of this list, when clicking on "Create a Launchpad account", it sends me to a broken link where all I get is "Invalid OpenID transaction" error.
Include Helm deployment documentationIn the "Start using Tungsten Fabric" section, we could include documentation for a Helm-based deployment.
TF101 DeckCreatev1.0RandyNewbies
TF201 "Deep Dive" DeckCreateMVPRandyIntermediates
TF Contributor DeckCreateMVPRandyNew contributors
OC: Getting Started vs. Quick Start GuideGregAllAre these the same thing on the old site? Getting started page references quick start guide
Do we need a build guide?N/AContributing Developers, Packagers, & DistributorsWe have a contributor getting started, which should be expanded to include this information
OC: Deploying OpenContrailGreg?Delete or roll into a build guide and
OC: Network Virtualization Architecture Deep DiveGregAllIs this still relevant? Is it up to date?
OC: Architecture overviewGregUpdatev1.0Contributing DevelopersThis seems like a simple "architectural overview" that would ideally more front and center in terms of explaining to new contributors how the whole thing is wired together - probably needs an update
OC: OpenContrail Architecture DocumentStuart MackieTBDProbably needs an update; seems to overlap with eBook amongst other things
OC: OpenContrail Architecture ("Day One") eBookGregTBDUpdate to TF; contact Ankur about doing the work on his behalf
Document graph/workflowRandyAllWhich docs for which personas at which times?TBD
OC: API documentation (all)GregAllRebase to ; still need to rebrand ; move to readthedocs?N/A
OC: Installation guideRandyTBDFor Contrail 1.06?? Seems out of date but also potentially overlapping with getting started, quick start guide, deploying, and various others
Personas we care aboutN/AN/AContributing developers (write code for TF), application developers (building their own apps on k8s+TF), network operators/engineers/architects
New TF CI infrastructure documentationRandyContributing DevelopersTBD
CC: Feature GuideRandyJNPR TechPubsTBD (will be committed to contrail-dcos) shortly
CC: Getting Started GuideRandyJNPR TechPubsTruncated CC: Feature GuideTBD (will be committed to contrail-dcos) shortly
CC: Release NotesRandyJNPR TechPubs
CC: READMERandyEngineering after 5.1 releaseDockerHub item, it is not depricated, it is simply no longer distributed as Contrail docs from 5.1 onwards
OC: Eng WikiRandy
What 302 redirects will we need?James
Clickable mapJames
New TF DatasheetRobert