Goal of this project is to provide documentation for Tungsten Fabric open source project.

The documentation should cover topics as:

  • Why Tungsten Fabrics (TF) exist?
  • How to install TF?
  • How to deploy TF?
  • How to use TF?
  • How to contribute code to TF?
  • How to contribute documentation to TF?
  • What is the governance structure for this open source project?
  • What are the internal processes and workflows in this open source project (for example CI)?

Documentation & Training

This wiki section contains information about the processes and workflow od the Documentation project. 

Guidelines for becoming contributor, writing documentation, and manuals can be found here:

Release Planning & Release Notes

Link here to release notes & release plans.  This information is likely stored in the TF community Jira.  Information should include Release deliverables (per release), Release Milestones (per release), externally consumable APIs, expected incompatibilities w/ other Projects, compatibility w/ previous releases, themes and priorities, requests from other projects, and any test tool requirements.

Project Facts

Project Creation Date:  
Project Lead:  @name
Mailing List:  See Mailing Lists 
Meetings: See Community Meetings
Repository: See Github repository 
Jenkins: Link to Jenkins silo
Open Bugs: See JIRA
Emeritus Committers:

Project Working Documents

Task Report

All documentation project pages should be tagged with a label 'documentation-project'.

Project Files

Use this page as a silo for any files that cannot go to tungstenfabric/docs repository.

Deprecated Files

As of 2019-04-08, any files attached to this page are legacy and far out of date. They remain here (for now) for reference.