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This document should be created, presented, discussed and approved by TSC before M0 of the particular release. It should contain as much detailed as possible definition of what is planned within the nearest release to be accomplished.

1. Introduction

  • Purpose of the document: This document describes an intention, vision, and later, details of the solution of the next piece of TF product. It collects all important information and references to further documentation allowing proper understanding and usage of this functionality.
  • Blueprint/Feature Lead: contact to the nominated person
  • Core team: contacts to the core team members
  • Jira Epic TT: link to Jira ticket

2. Problem statement

Description of the problem, the requirement being solved for new or existing features. Use cases

3. Proposed solution

Describe the idea and the logic of the proposed solution.

3.1 Affected Modules

Affected modules form the agreed list of Modules and components - this will also define the list of approvers for the blueprint

3.2 Alternatives considered

Describe the pros and cons of alternatives considered.

3.3 API schema changes

Describe API schema changes and impact to the REST APIs.

3.4 User workflow impact

Describe how users will use the feature.

3.5 UI changes

Describe any UI changes

3.6 Operations and Notification impact

Describe how to operate the feature, describe the operational impact, describe any log, UVE, alarm changes

4. Implementation

4.1 Assignee(s)

List dev and test assignments

4.2 Work items

Describe changes needed for different components such as Controller, Analytics, Agent, UI. Add subsections as needed.

5. Performance and scaling impact

5.1 API and control plane

Scaling and performance for API and control plane

5.2 Forwarding performance

Scaling and performance for API and forwarding

6. Upgrade 

Describe the upgrade impact of the feature. Schema migration/transition

7. Deprecations

If this feature deprecates any older feature or API then list it here.

8. Dependencies

Describe dependent features or components.

9. Testing

9.1 Unit tests

9.2 Dev tests

9.3 System tests

10. Documentation Impact

11. References

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