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Project Offsets

Projects are classified into one of 3 offsets:

  • offset zero: deadlines are at the dates listed
  • offset one: deadlines are generally at the listed dates + 1 week
  • offset two: deadlines are generally at the listed dates + 2 weeks
    • Note that the intent is that offset two projects have no other projects depending on them in this release

This is intentionally flattening the actual dependency graph

  • The idea is to hit an 80/20 point where projects can have some lag to get new APIs from those they depend on
    • If projects are in the same offset but need APIs from each other this should be noted and planned (possibly by asking for them sooner than would be required) as part of the API request negotiation at M1

The intent is for projects that form key infrastructure of all other projects (e.g., controller) to operate at offset zero, projects which provide key network services to operate at offset one, and projects that others don't depend on to operate at offset two.

Deadlines for Release Candidates (RC0, RC1 and RC2) and the release are the same regardless of offset. Deadlines for M1 through M4 are offset by +1 week and +2 weeks. 

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