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Will Stevens

Randy Bias

Syed Ahmed

VM (Vicky) Brasseur (she/her)

Lisa Caywood

We're missing the file with the work done and discussed in 6/28 meeting by Darien Hirotsu, but reviewed notes from that meeting in the course of today's discussion.

Made progress today in defining key audiences. Some discussion about how to continue to address our existing audience (carriers). Randy strongly advocated for focusing this exercise on developing messaging to appeal to Enterprises and DevOps audiences.

Project category still TBD. Discussed "CNI" concept; agreed that TF works with CNIs but is not a CNI. Need to develop positioning about how TF complements CNIs for "second click"-level discussions. "Security and network orchestrator" is a loose idea for the time being.

Homework: still need to capture well-defined differentiators. This will help us define our core messaging pillars and fill in the last portion of the value proposition.

Maddison Long to work with above-listed attendees over the next 2 weeks to capture these. (Casey Cain Please set up a 1-hr meeting next week and the following week, inviting these people + Marketing mailer).

Lisa Caywood has a meeting with Sukhdev Kapur on 7/30 to review further.

Darien's add:

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