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The role of the TSC Chair is to lead the TSC through meetings and discussions on relevant topics as well as be the interface between the TAC and the Tungsten Fabric Community. To this end the TSC chair needs to have the interest and bandwidth to engage with the TAC and Community along with LF staff to determine and prioritize TSC discussions and actions.

Key responsibilities include:

Provide overall leadership and direction for the TSC

  • Chair the TSC Meetings by preparing meeting agendas and ensure all topics are addressed with the necessary and sufficient depth

  • Help to resolve conflicts that may arise within the TSC

  • Assign and follow up on action items as appropriate

  • Ensure that a scribe records meeting minutes for community leadership meetings.

Election Dates

Self-Nomination: April 9th - April 23rd - Closes Midnight UTC / 5PM PT

Information on the Candidates

Each Candidate, please provide the following:

  • Name
  • Photo
  • Statement of Intent in being the TSC Chairperson
  • Biography

Name: Szymon V. Gołębiewski

Representative Group: Community

Short Biography

I am a Senior Project Manager with more than 15 years of professional experience in project management. I've taken the role of a software engineer, front-end developer, Business Analyst, Product Owner, Scrum Master, and Project Manager in my career. As a product owner in a software house, I was an active member and helped expand the community of an open-source project called Liferay.

While working as a Juniper contractor for several years, I led the teams responsible for Contrail Command and Contrail Multicloud. Currently, I'm a PTL for Tungsten Fabric documentation (for half a year now) and have successfully prepared the first version of TF documentation. Due to my involvement in Juniper and Tungsten Fabric's work, I combine understanding for both parties' needs and limitations. I am counting that it will allow me to take care of the development of TF effectively.

Statement of Intent:

I want to help grow Tungsten Fabric as a fully transparent open-source project.

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