The Marketing Working Group aims to have at least one blog post published every month.

To propose a post:

  1. Add your idea to the "Post Ideas" section below
  2. Email to let them know and to start the discussion.

To submit a post:

  1. Write it in whatever format you wish, but please submit it as a shared Google Doc or as Markdown.
  2. Email a link to the draft to to let them know it's available.
  3. The Marketing team will edit it (if needed) then get Linux Foundation to publish the post on our WordPress installation.

Post Ideas:

Post Schedule:

MonthTopicAuthorDraft Received?Published?
August 2021Gerrit to GitHub Part 2

April 2021Introducing the 2021 TSCYesYes
December 2019

November 2019

October 2019

September 2019

August 2019

July 2019Introduction to Using tf-devstackNishita Sikkanono
June 2019TF NCDC Beijing report Edward Tingyesyes
June 20195.1 release overviewyesyup!
June 2019Cloud-native Canada Day Recap or Promotion (question)Maddison Longnono
May 2019TF participating in NCDC Beijing in June.Edward Tingnono
May 2019GSoC interns welcomehereyes
May 2019LFN mini-summit recapJames Kellynono
May 2019Sukhdev's blog for the LF-N mini-summit (confirmed he will do it and send to marketing mailing list)Sukhdev Kapurhereyes
May 2019

A TSC update for this month

Darien Hirotsunono
April 2019

TSC Updates and TF Community News

Darien Hirotsunono
April 2019An Adventure in Multi-Cloud Networking with Kubernetes and Tungsten FabricWill Stevensyesyes
March 2019Tungsten Fabric has Been Accepted as a GSoC OrganizationDarien Hirotsuyupyup
March 2019Podcast from Tungsten Fabric Developer SummitRobert Catheyyupyup
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