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Bring Your Own Orchestrator: Yandex.Cloud experience
Tungsten Fabric plays nice with OpenStack and Kubernetes. The documentation ( also lists BYOO (Bring Your Own Orchestrator), which remains somewhat uncharted spot on the map. How it really feels to bring a new cloud platform to the project? In this talk, we are going to approach the answer from the perspective of Yandex.Cloud ( a newly launched public cloud platform from Yandex (NSDQ: YNDX).
The history of Yandex.Cloud begins before Tungsten Fabric project was officially born, and this gives us an unique opportunity to look at the issues the "community reboot" has solved, as well as to mention the others which still remain. Being a large project with its own vision on deployment and operations, Yandex.Cloud stresses components flexibility in terms of architecture and data flows. Finally, Yandex.Cloud environment leans towards IPv6, which brings us a third set of the problems to cope with.

- Valentin Sinitsyn, Yandex (
Full talk/lighting talk: Preferably a full talk
Includes live demo: No

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