The community events calendar is a Google Calendar that can be viewed on or click on the meeting pages below for teleconference bridge information on the recurring meetings. The event calendar includes non-recurring meetings as well as recurring meetings.  All meetings are open to the public and anyone can participate.  

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Technical Steering Committee (TSC)

  • Chair: none

  • About: Main governance body of the Tungsten Fabric Community. 

TSC Voting Members
Committer RepresentativesCommunity Representatives

 Sayali Mane - Juniper

Nick Davey - Juniper

Chandra Mohan - Juniper

Ian Rae - CloudOps
Community Elected Roles
Release Manager

Technical Work Stream (TWS)

  • Community Chair: TBA
  • About: Non-voting subcommittee of the TSC to address deep technical discussions in the community and make recommendations for the TSC to vote on.  The agenda is set by the TSC and the broader technical community as requested.

Infrastructure Working Group

  • Community Chair: 

  • About: Non-voting subcommittee of the TSC that works to address the technical infrastructure of the Tungsten Fabric Community

Community Representatives:

Alexandre Levine Carlo Contavalli Krzysztof Wróbel Sukhdev Kapur Vanessa Valderrama Chandra Dasari

Documentation Working Group
  • Community Chair: none
  • About: Project for review and build of core Tungsten Fabric Documentation.

Meeting page | Project page 

Marketing Working Group

  • Chair: Adam Grochowski
  • About: All things Marketing and Events!
  • Documentation and Events can be found here

Community Representatives:

 Jill Lovato Robert Cathey Edward Ting Darien Hirotsu Brandon Wick

How to add a new agenda/minutes page

We have a page template just for meeting minutes, to make the agendas & minutes nice and consistent across all groups.

  1. Select the group from the list above
  2. Click the "…" button next to "Create" in the top toolbar
  3. Scroll down to and select "Meeting Notes"
  4. Edit the newly created page, updating/verifying at the following:
    1. The page name: Please add the group name to the page name, otherwise it's just "$date Meeting Notes" and that makes it impossible to tell at a glance for which group the page is for.
    2. The date in the page name: Please make sure this is the same as the date of the actual meeting since it defaults to the date it's created. If you're creating an agenda page in advance of a meeting then the date will need to be changed.
    3. The event date: This is a separate page element under the page name. It may need to be changed as well (see item above).
    4. The page label: Label the minutes with the appropriate label by clicking the "Label" button at the top of the page next to the "lock" while editing the page or by pressing "L" on a page or clicking on the Label in the lower left of the page when not in edit mode. Use these labels:
      1. TSC - tsc
      2. Marketing - mwg
      3. Documentation - docs
      4. Infrastructure - infra-wg
      5. Technical Work Stream - tws
  5. Publish the page.

Current Action Items Across all Meetings:

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
  • Sukhdev Kapur to send an email to the Juniper stakeholders on requirements for GitHub/GitLab/Gerrit to Casey, Pono and the Discuss mailing list  
24 Aug 2020Sukhdev Kapur2020-08-03 Operator Framework Discussion
Daniel Pono Takamori2020-08-25 Infra Minutes
Aniket DaptariTF DDF 2019: K8s enhancements for Telco applicability Kubernetes Service Chaining
  • Sukhdev KapurUpload Cross Community Collaboration slides to this wiki page (export to PDF and attach)
Sukhdev KapurTF DDF 2019: Cross community collaboration
  • Sukhdev Kapur Find the spreadsheet that maps repos to committers
Sukhdev KapurTF DDF 2019: PTL discussion
  • Sukhdev KapurFind the doc that lists out the proposed projects, then move it over to the wiki for people to review and discuss
Sukhdev KapurTF DDF 2019: PTL discussion
  • Lisa Caywoodto update Brandon with the TF 2020 Marketing Priorities. 
Lisa Caywood2019-10-18 MWG Meeting notes
Daniel Pono Takamori2019-10-8 Infra WG Meeting notes
Edward Ting2019-08-09 Marketing Meeting
  • Lisa CaywoodFollow up with Jill to get more info about the DPDK event (if Jill isn't able to join the call)
Lisa Caywood2019-08-09 Marketing Meeting
Daniel Pono Takamori2019-08-06 Meeting notes
  • Jill to check in with LF marketing team to do some mockups on TF website based on Lisa's feedback
2019-08-02 Marketing Meeting notes
Daniel Pono Takamori2019-07-09 Infra WG Meeting notes
  • Lisa CaywoodFor next time: dig into Service Chaining, Security, BGP
Lisa Caywood2019-06-18 Branding/Positioning Call
  • @Lisa Caywood to add Marketing Plan of Record to next Marketing call. 
2019-05-24 Marketing Meeting
  • VM (Vicky) Brasseur (she/her) Put next week's agenda for Jill: ONS EU (asking her what we should anticipate for it from the LFN side, possibility of hackathon, etc), Ambassadors update, Yandex case study update
VM (Vicky) Brasseur (she/her)2019-05-24 Marketing Meeting
  • Lisa Caywood Will share website audit first draft with the group
2019-05-17 Marketing Meeting
  • Darien Hirotsu Will draft an LFN newsletter wiki page, email marketing@ a link to it
Darien Hirotsu2019-05-17 Marketing Meeting
Edward Ting2019-05-17 Marketing Meeting
  • Jill needs to follow up with Brandon about the store (meeting w/him today)
2019-05-10 Marketing Meeting
  • Jill will run the ambassador re-engagement campaign
2019-05-10 Marketing Meeting
Edward Ting2019-05-10 Marketing Meeting
  • Jill will follow up with Brandon about the store
2019-04-26 Marketing Meeting
VM (Vicky) Brasseur (she/her)2019-04-26 Marketing Meeting
VM (Vicky) Brasseur (she/her)2019-04-26 Marketing Meeting
  • Jill will reach out to Le Ma about NCDC & ask about deadline
2019-04-26 Marketing Meeting
  • Jill will get the subscriber numbers for the LFN Newsletter
2019-04-19 Marketing Meeting notes
  • Jill will forward the latest LFN Newsletter to the marketing@ list
2019-04-19 Marketing Meeting notes
VM (Vicky) Brasseur (she/her)2019-04-19 Marketing Meeting notes
VM (Vicky) Brasseur (she/her)2019-04-19 Marketing Meeting notes
  • Jill: Will look for actual TF marketing budget numbers & send to the alias
2019-04-12 TF Marketing WG Meeting
  • Sukhdev Kapur Take this CI gating/ voting discussion to the lists
Sukhdev Kapur2019-04-09 Infra WG Meeting notes
  • Sukhdev Kapur will get the commit bit list to pono ~2 weeks before the repo move
Sukhdev Kapur2019-04-09 Infra WG Meeting notes
  • Alex: Document what will be required to fix (automate) the testing for TF
2019-03-26 Infra WG meeting notes
  • Alex: Follow up with the ticket for Vexxhost (
2019-03-26 Infra WG meeting notes

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