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CLA Managers: Please put Signed CLAs here.

DRAFT documentation for the CLA Process can be found here.

Important note *

The community has recently migrated to and will no longer be supporting  CLAs are still currently managed manually.  However, if you need to submit a CLA, you can do so following the instructions below.  An automated CLA process based on The Linux Foundation EasyCLA will be enabled sometime before  and manual CLAs will no longer be necessary.

If you work for a company, please check with your organization to identify your company CLA manager before attempting to submit a CLA.  CLA Managers have a "blanket agreement" for their employees and they can update your permissions without additional support from the community or the LF.  If your company does not have a CLA Manager, they may appoint one and email with their CCLA.  If you do not work with a company, or you are independently contributing to the project you may submit your own ICLA to  It is not necessary for anyone to submit an ICLA unless they do not work for a company. 

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Microsoft Word Document Tungsten Fabric - CCLA Template v1.2.docx Jun 28, 2019 by Casey Cain
Microsoft Word Document Tungsten Fabric - ICLA Template v1.2.docx Jun 28, 2019 by Casey Cain

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  1. Casey Cain Maybe it's worth adding a note here that filled CLAs should be sent to or link to this page: