Docker Hub ID tungstenfabric is created as Community Organisation and is governed by the Owner's team.

As part of the process, owner's team will have everyone from TSC along with Casey Cain and VM (Vicky) Brasseur (she/her)

Current Owner's team is listed as follows

  1. Randy Bias (DH ID: randybias)
  2. Prabhjot Singh Sethi (DH ID: psethi)
  3. Daniel Pono Takamori (DH ID: pono)
  4. Casey Cain  (DH ID: wrathwolf)
  5. VM (Vicky) Brasseur (she/her) (DH ID: vmbrasseur)
  6. Edward Ting (DH ID:  ocean1598)
  7. Darien Hirotsu (DH ID: dhirotsu)
  8. Valentin Sinitsyn (DH ID: vsinitsyn)

Builder's team will be defined to allow community manage and automate build process for various releases (cadence, experimental etc.)

builder access can be extended as per requirement but needs to have atleast following members

  1. Zuul for automation of build
  2. Technical Committee for release management
  3. Infrastructure Committee for release management

Current Builder's team is listed as follows

  1. TODO

Creation of Repositories

When ever a new container is committed to tungsten fabric code base it has to be approved by Technical Committee and Owner's team can followup with creation of corresponding repository in Docker Hub. This repository then needs to have read and write permissions enabled for builder team to trigger builds and release management.

Creation of Tags

Tags for a repository is generated by build process followed by pushing an image to docker hub, builder's team will have access to this.
Daily build can be running in an automated manner, publishing one of the daily build as release can be handled by the release manager.

Deprecation of Repositories

Owner's team can notify and withdraw read& write permissions to Deprecated repositories, when no further builds are needed for these repositories

Deletion of Tags/Repositories

Owner's team will have access to delete a tag for a particular build/release as per life cycle of support for corresponding build/release
Once all the tags from a particular repositories are withdrawn/deleted, corresponding repository will also be deleted

Note: Owner's team can you tf-infra-tools for ease of management of Tungsten Fabric repositories, allows easy management of cutting a release and deprecation of repositories.

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