The purpose of this document is to give insights into the incoming release of R2011. The list will change and should not be treated as final.

PrioritySummaryStatusComponentsUpdatedIssue key
P0Heat stack fails with error "Port requires a FixedIP in order to be used. (HTTP 400)"In ProgressFeature Test Automation11/23/20CEM-19174
P0[2011]juju contrail-command import of kubernetes cluster failing In ProgressDeployment - Command11/23/20CEM-20449
P0ZTP onboard of fabric interfaces is failing Ready For ReviewFabric - Device Configuration11/22/20CEM-20524
P0Openshift4/Contrail Operator: Provisioning fails sometimes due to docker rate-limitOpenDeployment - OpenShift11/23/20CEM-20528
P1vxlan_network_identifier_mode reset to automatic during controller rebootReady For ReviewCommand App Server11/22/20CEM-18489
P1CLONE - Openshift4/OperatorFramework:  contrail WebUI showing  config node status DownNeeds InformationContrail Config11/18/20CEM-18913
P1[2008.121]ISSU: Tables under dm_keyspace not synced during ISSUReady For ReviewContrail Config11/19/20CEM-19354
P1Kolla: Add cloud-admin role to admin user in admin tenant if CLOUD_ADMIN_ROLE is specified in contrail_configurationNeeds InformationContrail Config11/19/20CEM-20016
P1CLONE - Openshift4:  when one of HA Master nodes failover (or) vrouter restart, CNI functionality brokenIn ProgressDeployment - OpenShift11/23/20CEM-20041
P1ironic notification manager can't work with keystone over SSLIn ProgressDeployment - Ansible11/20/20CEM-20129
P1Openshift4: contrail-status not workingIn ProgressDeployment - OpenShift11/23/20CEM-20209
P1fragmented packets getting dropped in vrouter, fragment error increments in the dropstatsIn ProgressvRouter Kernel Module11/23/20CEM-20268
P1DCI with IBGP in a erb topology , route reflector configuration is not getting pushed to DCI gw devicesReady For ReviewFabric - Device Configuration11/19/20CEM-20272
P1CVFM : physical_interface_backrefs are not created if the bms_switch_info has device with domain nameIn ProgressCVFM plugin11/19/20CEM-20308
P1Ping to AAP fails  from compute node for  E:1 path selection  with gatewayless forwarding enabled OpenvRouter Agent11/22/20CEM-20322
P1vrouter goes down after deployment in jujuOpenvRouter Agent11/23/20CEM-20388
P1Openstack network list with share options doesn't workReady For ReviewAPI11/23/20CEM-20393
P1Endpoints changed on reboot of command nodeIn ProgressCommand App Server11/23/20CEM-20414
P1EVPN-Type5: port mirroring not working when VN is added to LROpenContrail Control Node11/22/20CEM-20421
P1Unable to ZTP onboard a fabric with multiple management subnetsNeeds InformationFabric - Underlay11/22/20CEM-20445
P1[rh issue] FFU upgrade failed on dpdk node. RedHat driver uio-pci not working properlyIn ProgressDeployment - RHOSP11/19/20CEM-20468
P1MAC/IP: traffic drops between the pods with tag based policy associationOpenvRouter Agent11/22/20CEM-20529
P1route target is not changing when global asn is changedIn ProgressContrail Config11/22/20CEM-20544
P1BMS-VM intra-VN ping failsOpenFabric - Overlay11/23/20CEM-20557
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