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Title and abstract

Eliot: An Enterprise edge Lightweight IoT Blueprint

Eliot is an Akraino community project that focuses on end-to-end solution for Enterprise edge, Lightweight and IoT (Eliot) use cases. In this talk, we will introduce the business cases behind Eliot, its Cloud Native architecture and design principles, and core Eliot features such as Continuous Deployment and Machines Learning. We will highlight the integration of Tungsten Fabric in Eliot's SD-WAN and other enterprise edge use cases.

Names, email address, and affiliation for each speaker

Wenjing Chu,<, Sr. Director, Huawei. TSC member in Akraino.

Whether you are proposing a full talk or a lightning talk or either one at the committee's discretion; please specific time required

Full talk

Please specify if the session includes a live demo

Yes, we intend to include a live demo

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