Abstract: A SDN controller for datacenter needs to manage not only virtual networks, but also physical networks. Tungsten Fabric has been proven to be an excellent choice for managing virtual networks, but how about its ability to manage physical networks? Can it manage physical devices from different vendors? If yes, is it easy to do so?

This talk will uncover the capability of Tungsten Fabric to manage multi-vendor physical devices.

Names: Edward Ting

email address: lting2@lenovo.com

Talk: Full talk

Demo: based on availability

Bio: Mr. Ting is a Senior Software Development Manager responsible for Lenovo SDN Controller based on Tungsten Fabric. Prior to Lenovo Datacenter Group, Mr. Ting was with Ericsson NFV virtual router development as well as cloud automation. Mr. Ting has 20+ years of experiences in mobile, cloud, and telco industries.


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