How to create a Project Page from Template:

  1. Read all instructions first.  (smile)
  2. Check to see if a Project Page has been created for you in the navigation bar on the left-hand side under one of the "Project Catagories" i.e. Kernel, Service, Support, Application, etc
    1. If the Page exists but does not have the template format, please remove or rename it and notify Casey Cain  so that he can delete the page.
  3. Create a new Project Page using this Macro: Create New Project Page
    1. Complete the Project information and adjust the fields as necessary
    2. Click the "Page Tree Icon"
      1. In the left-hand navigation bar of the "Set Page Location" window, click "Browse"
      2. Navigate to Tungsten Fabric →  Projects
      3. Select the appropriate Project Category
        1. Kernel Projects
        2. Protocol Projects
        3. Support Projects
        4. ** Etc **
      4. Click "Move" in the bottom right of the "Set Page Location" window.
      5. If you don't see the page tree icon, try clicking the ... on the top right of the page and selecting 'Move'.
        1. If that is still not visible to you make sure you're signed in or contact Casey Cain
    3. Click the "tag" icon next to the "Set Page Location" icon from the previous step
      1. Add a tag/label to your Project page that you will use on your project page and all sub-pages
      2. Follow the format of 'projectname'-project
    4. Once you've completed the page, click Save in the bottom Right
  4. Click the "Share" button in the upper right-hand corner of the Project Page and copy the Confluence "Share Link"
    1. Do not use the page URL from the browser navigation bar - Always use the "Share Link"
  5. Update the "Projects" page with your "Quick Project Info" including a link to your Project Page "Share Link" that you got from the previous step.
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