If there is no matching project you would like to support, and you see an opportunity to provide something new, interesting, valuable to the Tungsten Fabric product, you may propose a brand new project which will fulfill expectations.

  • Proposal for a new project should consist of a proper detailed description according to the below template. This will help the Technical Steering Committee to assess and approve your proposal.
    • Use this page as a template and create a Jira ticket with the general information below on the TF Community Jira.
  • Then link to the Jira ticket on this page: Project Proposals
  • Finally, email tsc@lists.tungsten.io with the link to your Jira ticket for Project Proposal. 
    • The TSC will schedule an opportunity for you to provide a deep dive into your project proposal on the next available Technical Work Stream call. 
    • Barring any backlog, the TSC should then vote on the approval of your project 2 weeks from the time that you submitted the Jira ticket and notified the TSC of the proposal on the mailing list.



Name of the Project


Description of the goal, purpose, business needs/requirements, reasons for the creation of the new project
Responsibility for/VisionWhat is the full scope of your proposal? What other components might be affected by this proposal?

Vendor Neutral

If this proposal is coming from an existing proprietary codebase, have you ensured that all proprietary trademarks, logos, product names, etc. have been removed? Please specify.

Core Team

  • Project Team Leader:
  • Initial Committers: 
    • Optional (Recommended)
      • Main Architect:
      • Main Bussiness Analysts:
      • Main developers: 
      • Main QA:
      • Technical Writer / Doc contributior

Meets Board Policy 

Confirmation that proposal meets board policy (including IPR)

TSC Approval

/*filled out by TSC */

  • date of the Technical Steering Committee approval:
  • Names of approves:
  • decision: [ APPROVED, REJECTED]
  • reasons for the decision:

Repo Name

link to the Tungsten repository /*might be filled out later, after project approval */

Tracking system

link to the Tungsten tracking system (e.g. Jira) /*might be filled out later, after project approval */


  • Project mailing list
  • Project chat channels
  • Project meetings info (when, how to get there)
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