If you would like to self-nominate for the TSC, please list your name, represented group, a short biography and statement of intent for running.

For details on eligibility and mechanics, please see this page.

The nomination period will end December 17th, 2018.

The TSC is responsible for:

  1. Setting high level architecture goals and coordinating overall project architecture and technical direction
  2. Selecting technology stack, software features and supported hardware including
  3. approving project or system proposals (including, but not limited to, incubation, deprecation, and changes to a sub-project’s scope);
  4. organizing sub-projects and removing sub-projects;
  5. Developing Project use cases;
  6. Defining and monitoring Project technical processes and interfaces with third party code and external projects including creating sub-committees or working groups to focus on cross-project technical issues and requirements;
  7. Overseeing the Infrastructure Working Group other TSC working groups;
  8. Appointing representatives to work with other open source or open standards communities;
  9. Establishing community norms, workflows, issuing releases, and security issue reporting policies;
  10. Approving and implementing policies and processes for contributing (to be published in the CONTRIBUTING file) and coordinating with other project committees to resolve matters or concerns that may arise as set forth in Section 7 of this Charter;
  11. Engaging in discussions, seeking consensus, and where necessary, voting on technical matters relating to the code base that affect multiple projects;
  12. Setting target dates for software development and testing;
  13. Coordinating any marketing, events, or communications regarding the Project with the Manager of LF Projects and the Marketing Advisory Council of the LF Networking Fund of The Linux Foundation (“LFN”);
  14. Establishing a vetting process for maintaining security and integrity of new and/or changed code base and documentation, including vetting for malicious code and spyware; and
  15. Establishing a security issue reporting policy and resolution procedure.



Name: Randy Bias

  • Represented Group - Community Committee
  • Short Biography: I run open source strategy for Juniper and was the instigator inside of Juniper for the community "reboot".  I previously served on the OpenStack Board of Directors and currently serve on the Linux Foundation Networking (LFN) TAC as Juniper's representative.  As one of the visionaries for the community, I'm uniquely positioned to help Tungsten Fabric achieve it's full future potential.  And as most people know, I'm a no BS guy that is in earnest to help TF grow without Juniper Networks over the long term.
  • Statement of Intent: I am looking to more deeply engage with the community by becoming a voting member of the TSC.

Name: Paul Carver

  • Represented Group - Technical Committee
  • Short Biography: I am a current member of the TC and the ARB as well as running the infrastructure team meetings. I have been deeply involved in Tungsten Fabric since the beginning of the community "reboot" as well as involved with OpenContrail before that as an architect coordinating AT&T's Contrail feature enhancement roadmap.
  • Statement of Intent: My focus is on the architecture and feature planning as well as the CI system and ensuring that potential contributors are able to successfully learn how the tools and processes work in order to be able to contribute code (including test code as well as documentation) and see it become part of a release.

Name: Sukhdev Kapur

  • Represented Group - Technical Committee
  • Short Biography - I am a Distinguished Engineer at Juniper Networks. I am a current member of TSC and ARB (Architectural Review Board) of Tungsten Fabric. Additionally, I am a TSC member of Akraino Edge project (OpenSource project under Linux Foundation).

    I was instrumental in helping develop Tungsten Fabric technical charter, as well as the blueprint process. I am, and have been, ATC (Active Technical Contributor) to several OpenStack projects. I have chaired and co-chaired multiple teams in OpenStack and have driven multi-project architectural integration – generally a huge challenge in Open Source world. I have been actively involved in Open Source world for 6+ years.

    In the past life, I have worked for several successful startups which were either acquired or had successful IPOs. Additionally, I have worked for several large corporations in the architect role where I have driven architectures that resulted in multi-billion portfolios. Some of these names include Arista Networks, F5 Networks, Cisco, etc. I was winner of Pioneer Award in Cisco – highest technical achievement award, and several others.

    I hold several patents in the area of Hierarchical Datacenter topologies, Hybrid Cloud, High Availability, Disaster recovery using distributed deployments, etc. 

  • Statement of Intent: My focus is in two parts; First to contribute to the Architecture and planning of Tungsten Fabric, and second to be the champion for the TF community. I am presently collaborating with many projects/vendors/operators to integrate Tungsten Fabric into many remote edge solutions to expand the scope of Tungsten Fabric community. Additionally, I host several Tungsten Fabric Developer Summits to help (and on-board) developers into the Tungsten Fabric community. As a TSC member, I intent to continue to do this. 

Name: Prabhjot Singh Sethi

  • Represented Group - Technical Committee
  • Short Biography: I am a Chief Architect at ATS heading initiatives on Tungsten Fabric, Openstack and other SDN solutions for various client needs. Prior to this i was part of the Juniper's Contrail team and has been a significant contributor to TungstenFabric with work in various areas such as writing infrastructure components, feature delivery, performance improvements, stability, OVSDB integration with Tungsten Fabric etc. I have strong Networking background with experience working on various protocol stack, RFCs, standards and datapath components
  • Statement of Intent: I am focused on the user requirements, and feature delivery with which we should be able to get more adaption of TF

Name: Joseph Gasparakis

  • Represented Group - Technical Committee
  • Short Biography: I am a Software Architect for SDN and NFV with the Networking Platform Group of Intel. I have worked several years doing hands on development of networking stacks and I have done DPDK and Linux kernel development. At the same time I have been leading teams integrating NFV stacks. The combination of deep knowledge of hardware and CPU architecture, together with low level networking programming and a clear understanding of the integration problems allow me to be able to direct the technical discussions focusing on things that matter. Hopefully your experience with me being the acting chair of the TF TC since the first "Reboot Summit" and leading the SmartNIC offloads discussions proves that.
  • Statement of Intent: I want to help foster a strong, well connected  and functional TF Technical Committee and help further the adoption of TF 

Name: Ian Rae

Represented Group – Community Committee

Short Biography – I put up my hand at an OpenContrail meetup and volunteered to help marshall the project into an open source foundation, culminating in the relatively recently accepted Tungsten Fabric project under the LFN. I am the founder and CEO of CloudOps, which just might be the oldest independent cloud engineering firm that helps service providers build and operate clouds, and helps large enterprises and software firms adopt public clouds. CloudOps team members have been ambassadors for projects under the Apache Foundation, OpenStack, and CNCF.  We run countless meetups and workshops helping educate and support open source software. My personal background is leading engineering at tech startups, running enterprise IT, and studying evolution using genetics. I sit on the board of directors of the non-profit Genome Canada, and the publicly traded airline Air Transat. Also I love ultimate (frisbee).

Statement of Intent – My goal with TF is to help the community achieve escape velocity in terms of market adoption. Our mission at CloudOps is helping our customers own their destiny in the cloud(s) and we believe open source based software is the key. We also believe networking is the hardest problem, especially in a multi-cloud world. I will focus on helping increase the accessibility of TF and building a diverse community by spreading with word about the project and encouraging contributions of all kinds (especially documentation!), all the while establishing and protecting the independence of this important open source project.

Name: Valentin Sinitsyn

Represented Group – Technical Committee

Short biography – I'm leading the Overlay Networking Group at Yandex.Cloud, a public cloud platform Yandex (NASDAQ: YNDX) launched in September 2018. My team is committed to deliver next-generation SDN platform using Tungsten Fabric as a foundational building block. I'm currently a member of Tungsen Fabric TSC and an author of several blueprints. Besides, I wrote a new contributor's guide and was pushing forward things related to the TF developer environment. I also serve as TF Ambassador for Russia.

Statement of Intent – Being in an unique position of using Tungsten Fabric with a custom cloud management system, I would ensure that TF stays interoperable with a wider orchestrators ecosystem. This includes being scalable to tens of thousands nodes and being modular, so vendors may choose which features go into the product depending on their setting. Another goal for me would be to maintain Tungsten Fabric's presence and recognition within Russian networking community.

Name: Jim St. Leger

Represented Group - Community Committee

Short Biography: My day job is working at Intel in the Network Platforms Group driving open source strategy and marketing.  My work is predominantly focused on networking projects that align to or support NFV and SDN including virtualization and container implementations as well as the network edge. I've been working on open source projects and in open source communities for nine years. Projects include DPDK (dpdk.org) which I was part of the original creation team and where I chair the governing board, Hyperscan (hyperscan.io, a high perf pattern matcher) which I helped transition from commercial SW to open source SW, Fast Data (FD.io) which I helped co-launch with Cisco, and several other projects where I've provided guidance, direction, and community and marketing assistance (SPDK, OVS-DPDK, etc.)

Statement of Intent: I want to help grow Tungsten Fabric as an open source project with a robust and diverse community. I feel that project growth is needed in the area of getting the TF consumers to be more vocal and involved in the community, the demand side, but also to build and expand the developer community including committers, reviewers, testers, and architects. One of my overarching themes will be to drive both awareness of TF but also to expand an improved out of the box experience to entice network engineers and developers to try TF.

Name: Darien Hirotsu

  • Represented Group: Community Committee
  • Short Biography: At SDN Essentials/Redapt, I support customers in both a pre and post sales capacity navigating all things networking. Our company's founder, Doug Marschke, currently serves on the Community Committee, so our organization is looking to continue our involvement with Tungsten Fabric. Having worked on production deployments of OpenContrail and having proxied for Doug Marschke on a handful of Tungsten Fabric governance meetings, I'm excited for the opportunity to work with this community to enable customers in their learning and adoption of Tungsten Fabric as a "go to" solution for controller based networking.
  • Statement of Intent: I want to contribute time and effort to help customers see Tungsten Fabric as a "go-to" solution for controller based networking regardless of underlying infrastructure and orchestration platform.

 Name: Abhi Thorat

Represented Group:

Community Committee

Short Biography:

I have over 15 years of network engineering experience designing, integrating and supporting complex WAN, Data-center and Cloud infrastructures with technology leaders like IBM, AT&T, Mercedes Benz, Cisco and Juniper. The most exciting four years, have been as a Juniper Contrail Engineer at AT&T supporting and validating the biggest Contrail commercial deployment in a pure SDN NFV environment.

As I became more aware of the growing need for software defined networking, I founded my own startup, Strategic Alliance Consulting, in 2017, to facilitate the adoption and advancement of Open Contrail as the preferred choice of SDN for the service provider industry. I led, managed and built a state-of-the-art Open Contrail and Openstack lab, which we used to help clients with a variety of functions like training, prototyping, validating, bench-marking and testing.

Today, at Redapt, I continue my efforts to evangelize TF out of the lab and into broad market deployment, where it will help service providers fearlessly migrate onto the cloud enabling them to monetize on the emerging markets such as IoT. 

Statement of Intent: 

I have lived through the tears and joys of being an early adopter of Contrail in the most complex use-case for a wireless service provider core. This experience has enlightened me about the capabilities and the shortcomings of TF, which are keeping it just one step away from being the first choice for SDN solution. I will encourage, support and facilitate the adoption of TF in the service provider industry as they venture into the hyper connectivity era of 5G and IoT deployments.

Name : Abhijeet Singh

Represented Group:

Community Committee

Short Biography:

I am a Director of Network Cloud at  AT&T  and in my role I drive the strategic direction of the AT&T cloud.  In this role, I led the team which designed the new AT&T cloud platform to support 5G commercial launch,  supported by Open Source technologies such as OpenStack  and Kubernetes (Airship). I have built numerous innovative designs using ONAP, Openstack and SDN  to deploy VNFs in 100s of AT&T data centers, central offices and network centers.   I have been designing and integrating Contrail with Openstack for AT&T  SDN use cases and was part of the AT&T team which received  “ Superuser award”  during 2015 Openstack Submit.

Statement of Intent: 

2019 is going to be focused around 5G and Edge computing . There will be new edge cases driving need for high speed and low latency connectvity at scale. My goal is to directly link standalone edge devices  to cloud at scale and I believe Tungsten Fabric can play a major role.  Additionally, I will be working with community colleagues to ensure Tungsten Fabric improves on three key aspects -  security, resiliency and scalability. Additionally , I would like to help increase adoption of Tungsten Fabric and make the community more diverse.

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