Target goals for the recurring TF newsletter:

  • Use as a mechanism for communicating within the community, which we do poorly now (not everyone is in a WG)
  • Generate and measure interest and anticipation around new features, releases, etc
  • Showcase end user use cases
  • Showcase demos (e.g. the CloudOps multicloud demo) outside of specific conferences
  • Provide talking points for community members
  • Provide updates on community changes (new CI, etc)
  • Provide updates on projects we intersect with: Akraino, Airship, Helm, DPDK, (future)
  • Generate interest around big new feature blueprints to get community feedback (e.g. vRouter 2.0 implemented with eBPF+XDP)
  • Generate interest in contributing back to the community (e.g. let folks know that contributions are welcomed and encouraged across different groups; community infra, docs, code)
  • Alert users of upcoming events that the community is participating in (e.g. Kubecon, Meetups)

Additional Resources:

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