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  1. Tungsten Fabrics is an open source project. Everyone can contribute while following rules. Those rules need to be described.
  2. TF is a project under Linux Foundation. There needs to be a section describing what LF-networking is and what is the governance of the project.
  3. TF consists of modules. Modules might have their own documentation for installing, debugging, and development.
  4. TF has a GUI. There is a need for a user manual on how to use it.
  5. TF has dependencies on other software (for example orchestrators like Openstack or operating systems like Ubuntu). Those changes might have an impact on installation and deployment procedures. This means TF docs need versioning.  
  6. TF has dependencies on other software (for example orchestrators like Openstack or operating systems like Ubuntu). Each release is compatible with different versions. Compatibility and supported platforms should be documented.
  7. Much of the project governance is done using There should be clear guidance on what should go to docs and what should go to the wiki. Otherwise, it'll end with parallel maintenance (or worse — lack of maintenance). 

New documentation tree


QuickstartNot yet analyzed
QuickstartWaiting to be written/re-written

  • About the documentation
  • Quickstart / Getting started (alt names: Introduction) (Q: should we split it into two sections like Introduction that will explain TF and Getting started that will guide you through first installation steps?)
    • What is Tungsten Fabric?
    • What problems does it solve?
    • New and Changed Features in this release
      • <Feature name>
    • Resolved issues in this release
    • Supported Platforms
    • Known Behavior
    • Roadmap
    • Architectural Overview (Q: should the Architectural Overview be a section under Getting started or should it be a section under Deep dive?)  
    • Use cases
    • Blueprints (supersedes Roadmap?)
  • Installation (Q: should the installation be a separate section or does it fall under Getting started?)
  • Deployment (Q: should the deployment be a separate section or should it fall under Deep dive?)
  • Deep Dive / Development (should describe in detail how the things work, how to debug TF and how to develop it)
  • User guides
    • Configuring Virtual Networks
    • Example of Deploying a Multi-Tier Web Application
    • Configuring Services
    • Configuring Service Chaining
    • Adding Physical Network Functions in Service Chains
    • Configuring High Availability
    • Configuring Multitenancy Support
    • Load Balancers
  • API & CLI 
  • About Tungsten Fabric (alt names: Tungsten Fabric open source project, Community)
      • Contributing to Tungsten Fabric
      • Get in touch
        • Contact channels
        • Registration and user creation 
        • Contributing to the development
        • Contributing to the documentation
        • Submitting bugs
        • Submitting blueprints
        • Triaging tickets (how to work with JIRA)
      • Developer documentation (These are guides and helpful documentation to running your own local version of TF for development)
        • Gerrit Guide
        • Infrastructure Guide
        • Integration Testing Guide
        • Integration Distribution Guide
        • Integration Packaging Guide
        • Release Process Guide
        • Documentation guide
          • Where you should put your documentation
          • Installing software (sphinx and tox)
          • Getting the code (Full example of GitHub workflow.)
            • Signed off
            • easyCLA
            • More reading: here
          • Running linter
          • Building
          • Updating the
          • Principles of documentation
          • The Brand
          • Rst basics (based on this)
            • Sections
            • Text Formatting
            • Inline markup and special characters (e.g., bold, italic, verbatim)
            • Headings
            • Internal and External Links
            • List and bullets
            • Images
          • Documentation versioning
            • Updating current version
            • Writing for an unreleased version
            • Releasing new version
            • More reading: here and here
          • Building documentation
          • Writing documentation
  • Glossary

Existing documentation

(YMNW - Yes, Maybe, No, Write/Re-write)

1. tungstenfabric/docs

2. Tungstenfabric/tf-transitional-contrail-docs/doc/release-notes     (already incorporated into tungstenfabric/docs)

3. Tungstenfabric/tf-transitional-contrail-docs/doc/getting-started-guide/    M (might be useful as legacy documentation but the newer version is mentioned in point 12)


5. (exposed on

6.     M (all below materials should be checked if they are valid for latest version or should they be archived)


9.       M (should be checked if it's valid for latest version or should they be archived)

10.      M (should be checked if it's valid for latest version or should they be archived)

11. Contrail Networking Architecture Guide


13. Release notes (


15. N (already incorporated into tungstenfabric/docs)

16. N (already incorporated into tungstenfabric/docs)

17. tungstenfabric/tf-old-docs

  • doc     N (already incorporated into tungstenfabric/docs)
  • wiki     N (already moved to tungstenfabric/docs but, later it will be reviewed and incorporated into documentation structure)

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