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  • Action items from 2019-08-09 Marketing Meeting
  • Twitter: can we share the work?
  • Open items, need LFN input on web overhaul next steps, DPDK Summit info


  • Budgeting process is changing this year, being led by a Strategic Planning Committee. Putting out a video on the process on Monday.
    • LC: Do we have a top number?
    • CC: TBD. The TSC leads are all involved, so they're getting input from the projects.
    • LC: Is there any marketing participation, either from the MAC or otherwise? Concerned that TSC leads may not have the best input as to what's needed/advisable for marketing, and we've seen differing views from the two sides in the past.
    • CC: I will raise that issue to Arpit. 
  • DPDK Summit: Sept 19-20, Bordeaux, France.  CC: Interest from TF TSC in participating in some fashion, but no concrete steps to date. 
    • Current collaboration: have a demo based on DPDK for ONS. Also have a project to work on integration. CFP is currently open:
    • Also DPDK N. America (~Nov 18), CFP is currently open:
    • Trishan de Lanerolle (data plane projects manager) joined, thinks Jill may be thinking of 2020 planning. DPDK is thinking of broadening focus in midyear 2020–an open source data plane conference. ( interested)–DPDK gauging interest from other projects now. Not sure about funding model yet. 
      • LC: Sounds like if TSC is interested, we would want to put to this on the Planning Committee's radar so that LFN could provide some sponsorship.
      • Trishan is also looking at individual corporate sponsors.  
  • Status of website overhaul: unknown. Looking for info on when we can expect to see mockups Jill Lovato
  • KubeCon DDF: secured room for 55 people, classroom seating + possibly a smaller room. Which day is TBD.
    • Lisa to reach out to Brandon Wick re overall LFN plans at KubeCon.

Action items