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  • Review action items from 2019-05-03 TF MWG Meeting
  • Introducing Lisa (in absentia)
  • Ambassadors list update (see this thread)
  • GSoC intern intro blog post draft
  • NCDC (the event in China)
    • TF intro and R5.1 => 45 min + 10 min Q&A + 5 min break
    • TF Architecture deep dive, build and deploy => 45 min + 10 min Q&A + 5 min break
    • TF Akraino deep dive => 45 min + 10 min Q&A + 5 min break
    • Panel & Final Q&A => 40 min
  • ONS EU CFP is open until June 16
  • Weekly TSC report: who'll do this?
  • Meeting time change?
  • LFN Newsletter Check In


  • Action item review
    • Jill & ET will coordinate on NCDC
    • Jill & Brandon are meeting today about the store
  • Introducing Lisa Caywood
  • Ambassadors list update
    • There's a Google Doc for this, but Jennifer owns it
      • The doc has email addresses in it
      • Google Docs are a challenge for some companies (Intel)
    • Run a re-engagement campaign
      • Get list from Jennifer 
      • Email all ambassadors
        • Still wanna be one?
        • May we share your email on this wiki page (assumes wiki page exists)
        • Hey, here's a blog, tell us your cool TF stories
        • Update Ambassador wiki page accordingly
  • GSoC intern blog post
  • NCDC
    • ET working with them to determine what sort of support/content the community will provide for this
    • Would get ⅓ of a large ballroom for a workshop, smaller room if tutorials
    • They'll provide room, interpreter, marketing outreach & reporters come in
    • Need us to provide a coordinator, provide an agenda, booth if we go that way
    • Workshop: 100-150 attendees, single track conference
    • Proposed schedule above
      • VMB suggests adding 10 minute housekeeping in the front
    • Jill asks whether we actually have speakers…?
      • ET will coordinate
      • VMB recommends they be from different companies
    • VMB has a question about that booth thing
      • ET: only if we want to
      • We agree we won't have the time to do this
    • Tell folks to propose
    • Ask to let us know when they propose
  • Weekly TSC reports
    • Maddison? Probably can't make it calls
    • VMB will do it, but Darien & ET can do it, too
  • LFN newsletter checkin
    • DH will follow up with Jill offline
    • Will make sure TF content gets in there

Action items