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The community events calendar is a Google Calendar that can be viewed on or click on the meeting pages below for teleconference bridge information on the recurring meetings. The event calendar includes non-recurring meetings as well as recurring meetings.  All meetings are open to the public and anyone can participate.  

Select a group to see their meeting minutes.

Technical Steering Committee (TSC)

  • Chair: Szymon Golebiewski none

  • About: Main governance body of the Tungsten Fabric Community. 

Excerpt Include
TSC Elected Members
TSC Elected Members

Technical Work Stream (TWS)

  • Community Chair: TBA
  • About: Non-voting subcommittee of the TSC to address deep technical discussions in the community and make recommendations for the TSC to vote on.  The agenda is set by the TSC and the broader technical community as requested.

Infrastructure Working Group

  • Community Chair: 

  • About: Non-voting subcommittee of the TSC that works to address the technical infrastructure of the Tungsten Fabric Community

Community Representatives:

Alexandre Levine Carlo Contavalli Krzysztof Wróbel Sukhdev Kapur Vanessa Valderrama Chandra Dasari

Documentation Working Group
  • Community Chair:  none
  • About: Project for review and build of core Tungsten Fabric Documentation.

Meeting page | Project page 

Marketing Working Group

  • Chair: Adam Grochowski
  • About: All things Marketing and Events!
  • Documentation and Events can be found here

Community Representatives:

 Jill Lovato Robert Cathey Edward Ting Darien Hirotsu Brandon Wick

How to add a new agenda/minutes page

We have a page template just for meeting minutes, to make the agendas & minutes nice and consistent across all groups.

  1. Select the group from the list above
  2. Click the "…" button next to "Create" in the top toolbar
  3. Scroll down to and select "Meeting Notes"
  4. Edit the newly created page, updating/verifying at the following:
    1. The page name: Please add the group name to the page name, otherwise it's just "$date Meeting Notes" and that makes it impossible to tell at a glance for which group the page is for.
    2. The date in the page name: Please make sure this is the same as the date of the actual meeting since it defaults to the date it's created. If you're creating an agenda page in advance of a meeting then the date will need to be changed.
    3. The event date: This is a separate page element under the page name. It may need to be changed as well (see item above).
    4. The page label: Label the minutes with the appropriate label by clicking the "Label" button at the top of the page next to the "lock" while editing the page or by pressing "L" on a page or clicking on the Label in the lower left of the page when not in edit mode. Use these labels:
      1. TSC - tsc
      2. Marketing - mwg
      3. Documentation - docs
      4. Infrastructure - infra-wg
      5. Technical Work Stream - tws
  5. Publish the page.

Current Action Items Across all Meetings:

Task report