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  • Action items
    • Removing that action item since we still have/use Slack
    • Update from Abirami: busy past week; haven't rev'd this yet
    • Will aim for next week
  • Review the Epic
    • Notes in the tickets
  • Branching question from Darien Hirotsu
    • What does Gerrit do when Gerrit land the patch? Does it rebase or a merge…?
    • In GH, working in master can get messy, but we're working on it in Gerrit
      • VMB: Might be getting rid of Gerrit. Table this for now?
  • Version question from Darien Hirotsu
    • Some of the docs are out of date for current version
    • VMB: RtD can handle multiple versions; can leverage that in the future
      • Would be a separate project, because there'd be a lot of cleanup

Action items

  •  Casey Cain Look into why Abirami's patch isn't linked on the Jira ticket: 
    serverTungsten Fabric
  •  Casey Cainto update Gerrit related tickets to recommend waiting for the Gerrit to GitHub TSC Resolution to be voted upon.