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  • Updates from Daniel Pono Takamori
  • Jenkins
    • Haven't added it yet
    • Getting familiar w/CI works
    • Need Andrey's help to put something together
    • Emailing w/Andrey on this
    • VMB asks communication be moved to public emails
    • Expects, after hearing back from Andrey & testing, to get job in place this week (today/tomorrow)
      • Will iterate after that
  • Issues
    • Ran import script but ate a bunch of data
    • Running through it to confirm all open issues are correct
      • Jira
        serverTungsten Fabric
        jqlQuerycomponent = Documentation & status = Open
    • Have ~20 more to be done and to check
    • Will be done in ~hour
  • VMB: Frustrating that this has taken so long
    • Was supposed to be done months ago
    • Have lost all momentum
    • Only updates have been on this call
    • No public conversations
    • Generally disappointed at how this is being handled

Action items