Title:  Provide competitive data/storage service based on characteristics of network service 


The purpose of edge computing is used to improve the user experience and the key measurement is the latency of accessing the data from the client(user side) to the edge computing node. And there are already great efforts to improve the network service when accessing the data from the edges. In this talk, we will pay more attention on how to leverage the existing characteristics of network transport in the edge side to provide competitive data(storage) service in order to continue improving the data access latency.  For example, if the front-end is DPDK-based network, how we can leverage this to build high efficient backend data service system to comply with the existing network service mode. If the frontend is composed of offloading capable of NICs(e.g., NIC), how we design the whole data service system.  Generally, we will state how to build effective data service according to the different network models. Moreover, some example cases will be given, e.g., Optimized SPDK iSCSI target based on VPP + DPDK network, Optimized SPDK NVMe-oF target on different network transport (e.g., RDMA, TCP/IP).

Name: Ziye Yang,

Email: Ziye.yang@intel.com

Affiliation:  Intel

Either full talk or lightning talk is OK.

My session will not include a live demo.

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