Title: The next generation of virtio, the reason for vhost consolidation of TF vRouter and DPDK.

Abstract: Virtio is an open, high performance (with DPDK), continuously evolving interface that's widely used in Cloud and Telco networking. DPDK has a well optimized Vhost-user backend to accelerate Virtio, a very active community, widely deployed with the proven track records in super scale data center. And Tungsten Fabric has its own vhost-user. In this talk we propose to enable DPDK Vhost-user in Tungsten Fabric. The benefits are:

1. To introduce the latest virtio technology development, features in DPDK

2. To introduce the virtio1.1 design principle, progress at KVM/QEMU and DPDK

3. To introduce a smart way of doing virtio on Smart NIC. The known “vDPA” for live migration

4. To realize the full potential of performance, the key secret to design your workload on TF vRouter: DPDK Acceleration.

5. To get the community feedback and acceptance,

6. Ideally we agree on the roadmap alignment (with community).

Speaker: Zhihong Wang zhihong.wang@intel.com

Zhihong is a software engineering manager at Intel DPDK team, on the basis of Shanghai   

It is targeted as a full talk session. It does not include a live demo.

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