Title: Putting three-layer SDN to the test: drawing Kubernetes, Tungsten Fabric and cloud together with testinfra

Abstract: Ensuring quality in IT solutions is no easy task. Doing it in SDN projects is even harder as different things on multiple layers must be tested at the same time. Another issue is that developers usually don’t like to write tests beyond unit tests, which are simple and fast.  We have found that the testinfra framework looks simple and makes it possible to develop integration tests as quickly as unit tests. Any developer can create them in a short time. In addition to being fast and easy, tests developed with infratest can increase the quality and reliability of your project. In my presentation I will discuss how we have covered all three layers (cloud, tungsten fabric, kubernetes) with a single framework which integrates with ansible and kubctl.

Presenter: Paweł Kopka, Senior Software Engineer in CodiLime.

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