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  • VMB (Juniper)
  • Randy Bias (Juniper)
  • Robert Cathey (Juniper/
  • Maddison Long (CloudOps)
  • Jennifer Fowler (Juniper/


  • Demo in LFN booth at ONS (April 3-5, San Jose) (mailing list thread)
    • What, if anything, is Juniper planning to do?
    • And what is TF planning to do?
  • Meetup at ONS 2019? (mailing list thread)
    • Discussed in the CC meeting today (meeting minutes)
    • Hands-on workshop for those who are "TF curious" or "SDN curious"
  • Meetups... Robert reaching out... need to talk to Maddison about Canadian meetups
  • Next major release? RLB not ready to talk about this until the release train is separated from Juniper. Q2 target.
  • Any new CFPs since last week? 
  • Any activity on moving TF meetups to LFN Meetup Pro? 
  • Other discussion items?
    • Status of podcasts taped at KubeCon?
    • CloudOps blog forthcoming
    • Dev Summit at KubeCon EU (May 20-23, Barcelona)


  • Demo in LFN booth at ONS (mailing list thread)
    • What, if anything, is Juniper planning to do?
    • And what is TF planning to do?
  • Hands-on workshop on ONS 2019
    • What topic would this be about?
      • Could leverage Carbide stuff, but won't presuppose that
      • The multicloud stuff CloudOps did could be interesting
    • ML: CloudOps would be happy to put something together?
      • Will sync up with Will on that
    • RB: Should also put a call out to the community asking for workshops
    • RB: KubeVirt + TF could be very interesting
      • Conversation already happening about this inside Juniper
      • VMB: Maybe collaborate with RedHat on this?
    • How do we get a room for this…?
      • Need to coordinate with LF
      • Will start email thread
  • Meetups
    • Robert starting to reach out this week, will do more next
    • RC to ML: How to coordinate w/Canadian meetups?
      • ML has a list of those meetups
      • RC will send information to ML
  • LFN wants to put next major TF release in their calendar & help promote it
    • RB: There's no hard date yet; still need to have separate release trains for TF & Contrail
    • RB: So don't say anything about dates until next quarter
  • CFPs
    • RC will post to Slack, VMB will post to email. Teamwork!
  • LFN Meetup Pro
    • No traction there (Casey's ill so can't do much until he's back)
    • If there's no compelling reason to rush this, will wait for Casey to return to follow up
  • Podcasts?
    • Robert needs to get those posted
  • ML: CloudOps blog post
    • Will send draft
  • Dev Summit at KubeCon EU
    • With focus on k8s & what we need to change in TF to make it more friendly there (service meshes, easier to deploy w/k8s, etc)
    • ML: Really like the idea from their POV; will look into resources

Action items

  • RC: will start an email thread about LFN booth demo
  • Maddison: Will sync up to Will about CloudOps doing a hands-on workshop at ONS
  • VMB: Will reply to the KubeVirt thread about getting a RH + JNPR workshop at ONS
  • VMB: Will start an thread about ONS workshop
  • RC: Will send ML information about meetups & coordinate
  • RC: Will post the podcast
  • VMB: Will start a thread about Dev Summit for KubeCon
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