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  • Joseph Gasparakis (Intel)
  • Paul Carver (AT&T)
  • Henry Fowler (AT&T)
  • Jan Gutter (Netronome)
  • Frik Botha (Netronome)
  • Frikkie Scholtz (Netronome)
  • Ron Renwick (Netronome)
  • Simon Horman (Netronome)
  • Marc Rapoport (Juniper)
  • Kiran KN (Juniper)
  • Sachin (Juniper)
  • Jeyaganesh (Juniper)



  • Henry presented an overview of the slides from Tuesday that attempt to understand Netronome's proposal and get us all on the same page.  Based on comments received during the call, the latest version of the PPT has been posted on the TF Wiki as file "Offload Design Options - Nov 1 2018 ver.pptx" at Offloads .  (I was not able to access the Google doc version during the meeting due to company firewall issues.) 
  • While Henry has been trying to broker a common understanding, it was requested that Netronome provide documentation going forward, building on the diagrams just mentioned, and also on the appropriate document.  Netronome plans to update the Cavium-led full-offload document, "TSC Meeting SRIOV Offload Design (WIP).docx", at Offloads .
  • Joseph summarized that there are two aspects that we need to address: 
    • Business considerations; i.e., what approach(es) are consistent with TF's goals
    • Code review
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