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  • Paul Carver
  • Casey Cain
  • Abhijeet Singh
  • Liza Fung
  • Randy Bias
  • Joseph Gasparakis
  • Ian Rae
  • Vicky Brasseur


  • Casey proposed to cancel next week's meeting because of US Thanksgiving holiday
  • Abhijeet introduced himself and gave background on his role in AT&T and with Contrail/Tungsten Fabric - director of network cloud
  • Vicky introduced herself - director of Open Source strategy at Juniper. All things OS at Juniper including Tungsten Fabric
  • Paul asked for everyone to review the Election Mechanics document and provide feedback prior to a vote to approve it
  • Joseph raised discussion of Sukhdev's proposed list of TSC-ATC and ACC members
  • Discussion of the need for an agenda for this meeting in the future
  • Jim mentioned that Tim will be taking Heqing's place in Tungsten Fabric discussions on behalf of Intel
  • Jim asked if someone who was at the Kubecon China event can share their impression of how it went.
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