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  • Announcement: Readout of TF day at Kubecon Shanghai immediately following this meeting at the weekly marketing meeting
  • Discussion of CCLA process, especially concerning the move from Juniper Gerrit to Linux Foundation Gerrit. Casey said the automated tool isn't going to be available any time soon so he will put together details of the manual process.
  • Announcement: TF event at Kubecon Seattle is December 10th (a week from next Monday) and the agenda is on the wiki (KubeCon NA in Seattle 2018)
  • Discussion of location of the link to the wiki from the main page (it is on the Community page but not the main page)
  • Followup on the question of how to handle Zuul since it is not currently supported by LF. We will be migrating Gerrit first.
  • Motions for TSC-ATC and ACC members
  • Heqing is no longer involved. Sukhdev wants to followup with the person that he and Heqing had met with at Kubecon Shanghai who was interested in putting developers on the project if we can align with them
  • Paul created a commit/PR to update the docs repo with the list of approved TSC-ATC and ACC members and will merge his own PR
  • It was clarified that current community committee members are still on the list and eligible for the upcoming elections
  • At this point we are fully able to welcome new developers and other contributors into the project
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