This is our 2019 priorities in order of importance.

Initial discussion began in this mailing list thread.

  1. Build Release / Community Releases
    • Please chime in on this wiki page!
      • TSC: please try to get all comments in this week!
    • Tagging
    • Branching
    • Validation CI/CD
    • Release schedule
    • Release notes (+ automation of) - To be discussed again
    • Creation of committees
      • Documentation
      • Community Infrastructure (CI/CD)
  2. Improve Ease of Use
    • Improve documentation
      • Establish target goals
      • Ensure there is a cadence between the documentation working group and TSC to meet goals
      • Review current implementation and challenges
        • Clarifications on where to make changes
          • Release branches versus Master
      • "First contact" documentation
    • Stacking up TF (especially for newcomers)
      • devstack-like experience for developers who want to contribute
      • Katacoda demos
  3. Review Governance Process
    • The ARB question (see this governance issue)
    • The CLA question (see this other governance issue; may mostly be resolved by the automated CLA stuff?)
    • Working Groups: do we have the right ones and are they staffed appropriately?
    • Are there other gaps in the project's needs? If so, how do we recruit to fill them?
    • Review recent move to Jira to confirm it's complete & documented appropriately
  4. Improve Developer Diversity

2019 Accomplishments

Following is a rough list of our successes in 2019.  It is current as of September 2019 and will need a final update at end of year.

  1. Google Summer of Code (GSoC) Intern program was very successful with two interns
  2. Carbide Evaluation System was updated and we added multi-cloud capabilities (by end of year)
  3. Carbide Evaluation Guide v1 to help end users who are developers evaluate TF with Kubernetes
  4. Community releases (5.1, etc.)
  5. Created easy-to-use and lightweight dev environment: tf-devstack (+tf-dev-env)
  6. Updated the TF Architecture Guide and translated it to Simplified Chinese
  7. Ongoing updates to installers (ansible, helm, etc)
  8. Ramped up China efforts with major efforts in 3-4 Chinese tech conferences: Kubecon, NCDC, etc.
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