2019 TSC Priorities

2019 TF Priorities and Objectives (submitted to LFN)

2019 Budget (approved by LFN)

Website: $7,500 
DDF/Plugfests $30,000
Other Community Events / Developer Outreach - $10,000

This is just brainstorming for now. The TFMWG will figure out actual goals after this.

RRC: I've reorganized and consolidated and tightened up a bit.

By the end of 2019...

  • Increase Carbide launches by X% (what is the baseline?)
    • DAH: Get more "eyeballs"
    • DAH: Number of individual launches for underlying tools
    • DAH: Number of companies launching underlying tool
  • Improve diversity of contributors
    • Carriers/enterprises that are using the code but not currently contributing
    • Support internship outreach
  • Increase number of corporate contributors by X% (is the baseline approximately 5?)
  • Increase number of individual contributors by X% (what is the baseline?)
    • Increase number of companies attending events
    • Meetups
    • ONS sessions
    • Demo views at conferences
    • Get more contributors overall
    • developer events
  • Increase engagement of existing community
  • Increase corporate representation on TFMWG by X% (baseline is ~4-5)
    • Currently (March 2019): CloudOps, Juniper, Redapt, CodiLime
  • Establish a calendar for regular blog publishing
  • Establish social networking plan
  • Reduce community use of "Open Contrail" to zero
  • Build speaker list/bureau
  • Improve website content & usability
    • Add a "Why use TF?" page (see this mailing list thread for more info)
    • Reduce the alphabet soup (maybe add a glossary)
    • Make the site more accessible to people who are not network engineers
  • …what else?

Compare to goals of TSC: 


  • What is our goal with respect to metrics/events/meetups?
    • Should be informed by overall goals for 2019 (or select your preferred time period)


  • Increase number of users
    • In the 2019-04-19 Marketing Meeting notes the team agreed that while this can be a general intention of all marketing outreach, until we can get some sort of metrics there's no way to tell whether we're being successful.
    • So this will still be something the team hopes to do through its outreach, but as a goal it's now backlogged until the TF Phone Home feature is live, when we can get more concrete metrics.
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