• VMB (Juniper)
  • Robert Cathey (
  • James Kelly (Juniper)
  • Jennifer Fowler (
  • Maddison Long (Cloudops)


  • Notes from last week:
    • Working with Randy on a couple of blogs
      • one explaining Juniper’s open core strategy, 
      • and the other a guide to evaluating TF via the Carbide environment. The second one needs more discussion before it’s ready to write, so please chime in if you have suggestions re: what topics such a post should cover.
    • Sukhdev is developing list of technical features being added to TF (outcome of PTG), including edge / Akraino integration. Could result in something as simple as a blog post, but could also be a press release. Needs further discussion with him now that the U.S. holidays are over. Robert will chat w Randy about this since Sukhdev is on leave for a few weeks.
    • Robert and Jennifer are working to line up new meetups for Q1-2. We’ve updated the list of US, Europe, and APAC meetups that are relevant to us (i.e., we have ambassadors close by). Please feel free to send us your ideas for other meetups. (Robert is reaching out to Maddison Long re: the Canadian meetups they participate in.) We’ll offer meetup organizers a Carbide hands on lab first, but Robert has also reached out to Aniket Daptari re: a security-oriented meetup.
    • Jill Lovato would like a high-level calendar for news releases and cross-community promotion during 2019. Robert will ping the community on Slack.
    • Jill also mentioned the LFE end of month for the edge projects (Akraino) << this is confidential for now.
  • CFPs coming. ONF and Kubecon BCN are coming. Robert inviting Jill to #Marketing on Slack so she can post these to the community
  • Twitter activity
    • CloudOps k8s demo
  • Moving TF meetups to LFN Meetup Pro. Jennifer reaching out to Chaitanya about this and will ping Lisa Caywood and James about it. 

Action items