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  • Discuss status of TF integration with Apex installer.


  • Alex says that the integration with Apex is proceeding slowly due to the extensive turnaround time for fixing issues and re-running the deployment (several hours).
  • Alex asks whether there are alternatives that are more efficient.
  • David and Trevor suggest that Alex consider the XCI project.  
    • Alex says that he attended a presentation on XCI by Fatih at the OPNFV Plugfest, June, 2018 (Antipolis, FR).  
    • Alex has Fatih's contact info.
  • Trevor shared links to docs about onboarding and using XCI.
  • Alex plans to look into XCI and will update David on progress.
  • David asks Trevor about the availability of OPNFV PODs for Alex to use.  Trevor says that no resources are available.

Action items

  • Alex will update David periodically on integration progress